The idea of traveling is inspiring more and more women. Some of them travel solo. Such women have a lot to tell about safety and managing their finances on the road.

Others prefer to go to other cities and countries with families and even small kids. Those women know how to carry the responsibility for others and entertain children during their travels. Regardless of their reasons for traveling, all women gain valuable experience they want to share. The best way to do it is through writing. No matter if you choose to start your own blog or even write a novel, there is a great chance other women will appreciate your work. However, beginner female writers who are interested in traveling may face a lot of difficulties.

Here are the best five resources that will help any woman fascinated with traveling write about it on a professional level.

#1 Women on The Road

Of all Internet resources, this one is the most obvious choice to visit for women who are excited about traveling and writing. And it is very useful, really. Women on The Road is aimed at providing those who travel on their own with all the necessary information. Besides practical tips and tools, the website has a travel course available for everybody. It is titled My Free Travel Writing Course and contains the traveling and writing experience of its creator, Leyla Giray Alyanak. It has six basic lessons that teach beginner writers to create a good story. Leyla explains how to write a story that sells in a very clear manner. As far as Leyla writes about traveling, this is the main focus of the website. But it doesn’t really matter what topic you choose. The course is suitable for writers of all kinds and levels. The main things you are to do are to get the story and let it speak for itself.

#2 Spotted by Locals

If you have been to another city or country, you have probably noticed that visitors and locals see the same places differently. When you travel, you mainly notice things that recreational services want you to notice. Thus, a lot of great spots stay hidden from you. But where should you get a really good story to write about? The answer is quite simple – ask the locals! The best way to do it, when you are still at home or already on the road, is to visit Spotted by Locals website. It will guide you through more than 50 cities in Europe and the Middle East and a dozen cities in North America. You can find priceless insider tips about each city, including the ways to reduce your expenses; but, you will see no highlights from standard travel guides. Just pick a city and see the list of locals who have shared their experience about their favorite places. You will find more than one fascinating story written by each contributor.

#3 Julia Cameron Live

Sometimes, traveling turns out to be a routine. Booking, packing, flights, accommodation, visiting this of that tourist spot, and so forth. It doesn’t even matter whether you travel on your own, with family, or in a company of friends. At some point, this can get stressful and annoying. Even if something changes for the better, the creativity is often hard to revive for women. If you experience a writer’s block or just want to boost your creativity, there is no better option for you than to visit Julia Cameron Live. Julia Cameron is the creator of The Artist’s Way movement that has helped numerous people for over two decades. The system developed by Cameron has proved to be very efficient, mainly because she truly believes that everyone is creative and makes people believe in themselves. Besides the chapters and exercises from her book (The Artist’s Way, first published in 1992), the website contains video lessons, blog, links to all social media featuring Julia Cameron, and more.

#4 Travel to Memoir

This is a unique information resource for travel writers. The project started by Jillian Schedneck unites women who are keen on traveling, writing, and seeking knowledge and inspiration. The website contains tips for those who want to put the experience from their roamings on paper in the way that will enchant the reader. Jillian will teach you how to find a story and how to develop it in writing. You can become one of many female travel authors who have learned the most effective writing techniques from this website. Even if you haven’t written anything before and don’t know how to do an apa style cover page or write a good introduction, there is a lot you can get from this resource. Besides, as a bonus, you will learn how to read like a writer, which is essential for everyone who wants to dedicate their lives to writing.

#5 Bloglovin’

As we have mentioned above, reading is an indelible part of writing. Besides writers’ guidances, fiction, and self-help books, it is very beneficial to get some inspiration from people like you. Luckily, it is not hard to find them – in blogs. Read as many blogs as you can to learn from other women who love traveling and find out about their experience. This will also show you what is interesting to other people and what are the newest trends in travel writing. You can also evaluate the audience’s reaction to this or that information judging by the feedback your favorite bloggers get. This information is very useful for those who want to start their own blog. If you don’t want to spend precious time on googling, the best way out is to visit Bloglovin’. This resource gives you an opportunity to follow travel bloggers you really like without additional search. There is a great number of blog categories. Pick a ‘travel’ tag and subscribe! However, there are plenty of other option that might interest a travel writer – blogging (obviously), writing, books, photography, food, etc.

Author Bio: Christina Battons is a creative writer and content strategist from LA. Currently, she writes for various sites. Her posts address the topics about self-education, writing, motivation, professional development. In her spare time, she prefers to read novels and crime thriller stories. Feel free to follow her on @battonschristi to ask questions or see her works.

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