Ever since the inception of mural wallpapers, the dynamics of artwork have changed. Earlier artists would spend days in a house or any building to draw a pattern, but now it is easy to get artwork done fast. A mural is a design that is printed on a wallpaper which is placed on a wall. Mural wallpapers make a great fashion statement and work as a good home improvement option. However, a mural is not just limited to the house; there are many places where murals can be of great help. In this article we will guide you through 5 places where a mural wallpaper can be incorporated.

  1. House

Mural wallpapers work as a great home improvement option. Many people are an option for this choice because it is less costly and takes less time in installation. Unlike paint which takes days of hard work, a mural design can be incorporated in the house within minutes. The modern murals have an extra layer of coating which makes them be able to withstand water and sudden leakage from the walls. An ideal place to incorporate a mural wallpaper is the living room which is commonly used by the entire family.

  1. Office corridor

Do you know colors have a direct impact on a person’s decision making? Yes this is true. So if you are reading as a business owner you must incorporate an attractive color scheme in the corridor to give a fresh vibe to the prospective clients. The mural design has the power to change a person’s decision making. Furthermore, you can get muraledesign which is the right fit for the company. Apart from the office corridors, they can also be instilled in the meeting room and the front desk.

  1. Wedding hall

A wedding place needs to be full of life and different colors. People who are in the marriage business are already opting for ways with which they can cut down the expenses on decoration. With a mural wallpaper, it is easily possible to have different themes for different functions. A wedding hall need not be filled with expensive decoration items; the right design for one of the walls can easily suffice for the rest of the place.

  1. Academic institutions

Academic institutions are inclusive of schools, colleges, and universities. All of us know the importance and bliss of having colorful walls in such an environment. Colleges and universities don’t focus as much as do the schools on painting walls for the little munchkins. With the evolution of mural wallpapers, schools have also switched to printed artwork to reduce the costs that are involved in painting and labor.

  1. Public spaces

In any streets of Spain and France, one will surely see a lot of artwork done. The beauty of artwork is that it brings colors to life. Though there is no comparison of the traditional paintwork, yet printed work has replaced it to a great extent. So it’s no wonder, public space can easily get lit up with the help of mural design. If the right color and design are printed, people will surely be happy to walk past it and take selfies.


There are many other places where a mural wallpaper can be used. The power of a mural design is it can make people happy and plant smile on their faces.

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