To achieve success in any career requires time and effort. No achievement is served as a piece of cake. The same was the case with John Walsh. Even though his journey in the music industry looks all glamorous, in reality, it is tagged along with a lot of struggle.

However, surviving through these hardships is what makes achieving a goal worth it. Thus, to successfully accomplish your goals, use these 5 secrets of John Walsh that helped him establish a thriving musical career.

1. Believe in yourself

John always says, “if you don’t believe in yourself, then others won’t either” The statement stands 100% true, because if you yourself have doubts about your work, then it will be harder for other people to believe in your capabilities. Thus, to fix this, always believe in yourself no matter what you do. Even if something results in a failure, believe that you tried your best, and fix your mistakes next time!

2. Preserve knowledge from every experience

No experience is useless, especially when it comes to music. Every music and every song is unique in its own way. As a result, John believes that every rising musician should expose themselves to every possible artist or audition because you never know what might eventually help you.

3. Take initiative

Irrespective of your career choice, taking an initiative is very important if you want to prove your capabilities. In the case of John, if he wouldn’t have explored his talent himself, or taken the initiative of recording his work for different producers, he wouldn’t be where he is today.

4. Always be open to learn

According to John, a successful career in music requires using creativity, and moreover, experimenting with that creativity. Thus, this indicates that a rising musician should always be open to learning new things. Whether it’s a new idea, genre, or style. They should always be open to learning and experimenting with it. This is because good music does not come into existence overnight. It takes time and a lot of trial and error.

5. Stick to your schedule 

As achieving every goal requires consistency, this can only happen when one forms a schedule, and strictly abides by it. John believes the more regular you are to your routine, the better you will be able to perform eventually. Thus, don’t just make a schedule, but push yourself to follow it so that you can quickly achieve your goals.


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