Junk Removal Service

You indeed have two major options if you’d like to get rid of some junk items on your property. You can, for example, rent a dumpster, and you also have the option of hiring a junk removal service. Each option has its merits, and what you choose in the end will ultimately depend on your requirements and what kind of junk items you have. It will also depend on whether you have time for a do-it-yourself approach, which would come if you decide to rent a dumpster. But what about the costs? Your budget is another primary consideration, and you’d want to make sure that the service fits in with your budget. Here, then, is an in-depth look at the costs involved in renting a dumpster vs. opting for a junk removal service.


What you should remember 


One of the first and most important things you should remember is that the overall cost of your junk removal project will depend on the weight and size of the junk items you have and the amount of debris or junk on your property. 


Whether you go for dumpster rental or hire a junk removal company – the costs will be higher if you are located in a major city since the cost of living in cities is higher. On the other hand, the cost can be lower if you are in a smaller area or neighborhood. 


Another factor that could influence the price of the service you choose is the distance. The longer the traveling distance of the junk removal firm or dumpster provider, the higher the cost. So, for example, if you live in an area like Canton, Georgia, it would make sense to hire Canton junk haulers rather than go out of state. But you also have to contend with the difficulty of the project, the extra weight, and other factors that will impact the final cost of the service you choose.


Costs for dumpster rental


Your overall location will affect the price of your dumpster rental because if your municipality or city obligates you to get a permit, this will be an extra expense. You also have to consider the price of the company you’re renting from, the dumpster’s size, and the fees for disposal in your local area. 


Costs for a junk removal service 


The total costs of hiring a junk removal service will vary per customer, and most companies will have fees from $80 to up to $165, depending on the size of the load. If you require a larger truck or pickup service, particularly for construction or yard debris or waste and commercial property cleanout, the cost can range from about $125 to up to $2,000. 


The price can also depend on the kind of junk items the junk removal service will haul, whether it’s household items or construction/yard debris. If it’s construction or yard debris, it will often be heavier, and it will need extra work when it comes to getting it and bagging it all, so it will usually cost higher than if you need to dispose of a mattress or sofa. 


It’s best to shop around and compare estimates so you can get the best deal, but remember that while it’s not good for any service to overcharge you, you may also get what you pay for.

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