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The Flash: Season 4 Preview (video)

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With DC’s Justice League film coming out in November, a trailer dropped at San Diego Comic Con that could be concerning to some Flash viewers. The spotlight seems to be on Ezra Miller as Barry Allen on the big screen. The movie version of Flash seems a bit more energetic and optimistic with a sense of humor to boot. People have loved Grant Gustin as the tv version, but at times the writers fail to reflect his comic book roots. While the movie version will have to take a large leap to surpass the television iteration, the show will have to adapt as well to maintain its place in people’s hearts.

From the season 3 finale, we learn that Barry has been taken into the Speed Force and left to be forgotten. For how long? No one knows, but everyone will be waiting on the edge of their seats come season 4. Then, of course, there’s the teaser from SDCC:


Of the most important parts, Iris is still alive obviously after H.R. sacrifices himself and is narrating the opening dialogue. For more than likely at least an episode, she’ll replace Barry as the voice over. That is of course until Wally and Cisco eventually team up, or Barry returns. From the trailer alone, we see Iris as being a major part of the post-Barry version of Team Flash. Her role in the show seems to teeter between ever shrinking and pushing to the forefront. Is she Wally and Vibe’s version of Felicity Smoak now?

Caitlyn is back!

One of the more disappointing reveals from the trailer is the return of Caitlin Snow. Killer Frost would be a nice touch to the ever evolving show. It would almost seem a waste of a character if we didn’t get to see that side of Caitlin on a consistent basis. On top of her return, we see the new heroes of Flash’s sidekicks come to the forefront. Vibe and Kid Flash are left to protect the city but their maturity might lead to more than they can chew.

Speaking of being back, of course, they teased Barry’s return. But how fun would it be if it was all a misdirection. If they were trying to pull Barry back from the Speed Force it leads down a dark rabbit hole where Barry was harder to find than it seems. What if the Speed Force had more than one speedster and the one they thought was theirs was a different guy? What if he tells them that he’s only there because Barry was trying to find his way out just as bad as they were finding their way in? How would the season shape up if it was built around getting Barry out vs him escaping? October can’t come soon enough for Flash fans.

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