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Tarot card reading is an intriguing art of divination, foretelling, and spiritual guidance. It is one of the most practiced ancient forms that has prevailed through the storms of time. Whether you are seeking love or finding grounds in the upheaval of career, let tarot cards be the way you may look for.

Reading tarot cards are divine. The ritual speaks to connect to your intuitions and to explore the possibilities that are hidden and unseen. The tarot spread is like a key which may open the door of fortune and show you the answers you are searching.

So, is this a magic spell? Or is there any logic behind it?

tarot card

Tarot cards are no magic, these are absolutely a deck of cards which connects you to your inner voice. It is the confirmation of what you already know.

Tarot is a deck of 78 cards which first find its mention in the year 1440. Though it’s like an old sword, it strikes one’s inner conscious as a newly sharpened one.

The 78 cards are further divided into 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana cards. These are the major sources which reflect your past, present, and future.

  • Major Arcana – Represents the life turning events, lessons, and major breakthroughs.
  • Minor Arcana– Represents the daily turmoils and tribulations.

Alike as playing cards, each card in the deck has some figurative images and symbols. Every symbol, imagery, and story on the card has a specific meaning. The tarot readers interpret these meanings and share insights into the future of an individual. However, the accuracy of cards is always unpredictable with face to face readings.

For accurate tarot card predictions, it is necessary to have a clairvoyant tarot reader. The one who may connect to psychic abilities and share what is happening in your life. But finding such genuine talent is rare. It takes years to master tarot and acquire an intuitive ability to envision.

Then, how do you get an accurate tarot card reading?

Getting an online tarot reading is a cinch to learn and read accurate tarot cards. You may do it yourself through your smartphones. Moreover, app tarot readings incur various advantages that make it more preferred over any other means of reading.

  • It is unbiased and does not alter meanings.
  • You may get quick readings at one tap.
  • Readings can be accessed anytime and anywhere.
  • Online tarot applications can be used round the clock.
  • An easy and fun way to learn tarot cards.
  • These are less intimidating.
  • You don’t need to memorize the meanings of cards.

Using the right and free tarot reading app is like a whale of a time, rare to find but lucky to have.

Fortunately, you may have such best prediction app which is free with all the right qualities – “Tarot Life”.

Tarot Life is a free tarot cards reading app available for all the Android and iOS users.

Free Tarot Card Reading App -Tarot Life

While choosing the right and free tarot card reading app, it is not difficult to fall into a rabbit hole. You may lose the trust and money simultaneously. Thus, we have chosen “Tarot life” which have stood out from the pack of online apps with its good reviews.

Tarot Life is an intuitive tarot reading app that enables you to get a deep insight into your future using tarot cards. It helps you to connect with your intuitions and brings positive aura in life. This easy-to-use app can be accessed without prior knowledge of tarot. For beginners and fledgling tarot readers, the app is a perfect way to learn and magnify their professional tarot reading skills.

The tarot reading app incurs a conventional approach to read cards and deliver accurate predictions. It allows the users to learn the tarot card meanings and break down the interpretations for various aspects of their life.

Features of Tarot Reading App- Tarot Life

The app offers the following interactive features to seek readings from the cards:


1. Love Tarot Reading


  • Love Tarot: Just pick your cards and you may get a quick 3 card reading about your love and relationships.
  • True Love Spread: The 6 card spread shares detailed analysis about the feelings, challenges, strengths, weakness and present conditions of your love life.

2. Career Tarot Reading

  • Career Tarot: You may know about upcoming challenges and explore new possibilities with this.
  • Career Path Spread: Is this the right career for you? What are the challenges, concerns, possibilities and growth prospectus for your career? All answers can be found in one place with this career spread.

Career Tarot Reading

3. Finance Tarot Reading

  • Finance Tarot: You may pick your card to find possibilities and challenges to add your monetary funds.
  • Success Spread: A five card spread feature to discover the secrets that can take you to the success road.

4. Other Tarot Insights

  • Daily Tarot: Single card reading to know about all the happenings of the day.
  • Yes or No Tarot: A spontaneous and quick way to get an answer to your question. Just think about your question and pick the card for getting an answer as Yes or NO.
  • Ask a Question: Whatever your concern is, you may connect with professional tarot experts and get your first reading for free.

Apart from tarot insights, you may also access to the numerology feature through this single app. The extensive app allows you to seek predictions based on numbers of your life. Using this convenient tool, you may unfold the important numbers like your personality, life path, maturity, and destiny numbers.

How Does Tarot Life App Readings Work For You?

Tarot is about your intuitions. Therefore, every time you read your cards, make sure you are clear about what you want to ask. The clarity in question will help you to find the right meaning and tune into your higher wisdom.

Tarot cards are the mirror of your inner conscious. The more you listen to your inner voice, the more you will get closer to the right insights. Your inner voice is the guidance that may lead you to happiness and positivity.

Trust your gut feelings and work on what is suggested in readings. Wait for the significant changes and let the time unfold with its pace. Believe in your readings and wait patiently if your inner voice asks you to wait. There is no time to take the reading. Use it whenever you feel to read your card.

You may use the Daily Tarot Card Reading feature to learn and practice tarot. The daily practice will prove fruitful and help you to transit as professional tarot experts.

So, what are you waiting for? Tap into your intuitions with the best free tarot reading app and explore the world of Tarot cards.

Tarot Life a way through which you may discover your strengths and take life in a new light. Embrace it and let the power of divine shine!


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