Giorgio Leone IT became known to most of us last year when he was still an emerging dj on the Taiwanese scene, nowadays he is one of the founding members of Our Muzik and he’s still working on improving his dj career, getting attentions not only from Taiwan but from some Asian countries as well. 

The Italian DJ has been travelling around for a while before to settle in Taipei, he quickly made an important connection that helped him to get known around and to obtain the first gigs for the coolest clubs in the country. 

As mentioned before Giorgio is one of the founders of Our Muzik, a group that aims to organize parties and events around Taiwan and to spread great music around the island.

Giorgio Leone IT put all his experience in this project and the results are obviously good, his european music background gives a particular touch to the whole environment and his melodies are widely appreciated. 

The Italian artist has been releasing many tracks recently, important labels are getting in touch with him due to his increasing popularity and obviously for the quality of his productions. 

Giorgio is a very ambitious person. He and his group are working hard to impress taiwanese people with these techno and tech house melodies. They want to increase the awareness of the techno movement in Taipei and in Taiwan and we believe they’re doing an amazing job. 

According to Giorgio Leone IT Taiwan has an incredible potential and this is one of the reasons why he decided to settle here and to make the beautiful island his new artistic home, at the same time Giorgio is getting known around Asia as well and soon we will see him getting gigs around the continent. 

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