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When you watch your favorite movie, and it comes to an end, you either hope a continuation of the same will be released, or that is just the end of it. However, the top gaming software producers have come up with a strategy that involves releasing new games with the themes of some of the most significant movies ever released.

These movie and casino mashups have proved to be enchanting and wholly captivating. Here is our pick of the 5 Best Movies on Casino Theme that are worth checking out on your favorite gaming site. You can also see the list of online bitcoin casinos to see if one of these games is available via this link

5. The Mummy Themed Slot Game

For the constant slot gamers, Playtech has developed something to hook you deeper into gaming. From the archives of the once celebrated scary movie arose this theme. The game begins with a captivating intro that is complete with effects, images and classic sound accompaniment that takes you back to the 90’s.

The background to this game paired with high-tech graphics makes it an epic game. The Egyptian themed match is packed with several snippets taken from the movie. Faint-hearted gamers are advised to keep off, but for the brave and daring, this should work just fine. It is at the disposal of every player for free, or you can play the money version in many of the best casinos online. You can also play instantly online or choose to download the game.

4. Superman Themed Slot

How beautiful is it to play a set that has in it incorporated the theme of one of the world’s favorite superheroes? Taken from the Movie Superman, this game is everything but shady. As much as it was released decades ago, the interface shows that the producers of this game had a more modern feel in mind. The graphics used are enough proof. Critical actors like Kent, Lois, Lex and of course the legendary Superman himself are the symbols used. One has the choice of playing the free games or taking up the challenging but thoroughly enjoyable progressive games that could lead you to a mega jackpot win.

3. The Avengers Slot Game

If vigorous and fiery war is your thing, then you may just have stumbled upon your fantasy game. This Marvel Studios production in a casino is exhilarating. There are four different levels in this game, and each of the four superheroes is well represented here. For you to qualify for the 10,000 coin jackpot, you will have to land 5 shield symbols. Try landing the Thor free spins if you want a high-range multiplier. Otherwise, if you are keen on consistency, try your luck with the massive Mr. Hulk. He doesn’t disappoint.

A good game can get you a maximum of 9 free spins for each mini-game. To those who prefer the auto gaming selection, you have not been left out. You can continue playing without involving your mind in the vigorous thinking exercise. This game can be quickly accessed in several online casinos either for free or for money. Alternatively, you can download it on your PC and enjoy an endless access to it day and night.

2. Rango Slot

Who would have thought that this lone lizard that got lost in a desert area, and ended up being a hero to the people he finds in that new land would wind up as your favorite casino game? Well, Rango has hit the casinos as a slot game that has five reels and 3 rows and allows up to 25 players to engage in it. Jake the rattlesnake, Rango the lizard, and the sheriff are the symbols of authority in this slot game.

If you are lucky enough to land at least two sheriff stars, you get awarded up to ten free games, which means you can increase your winning chances even more. The rattlesnake is capable of replacing any symbol in the game, but if it finishes the combination at par with Rango, he will not trigger the eagerly awaited free spins.

The sound effects, as well as the imagery, are directly plucked from the movie. Not only is the game available online, but a mobile version is also accessible to those who do not want to miss a moment of this fantastic experience.

1. Jurassic Park Themed Game

If you fancy the animal-themed games and adventure in general, you might want to have a look at this game. Exotic or somewhat extinct animals like the dinosaur and other wild animals that are believed to have walked the earth before the Armageddon are what you will see displayed on your screen. Once you are transported to the feared Island Nublar, you will have to find tactics that will keep you alive and safe from the predators that have turned on humans as a source of food.

T-Rex and Amber are the first symbols displayed. Any other icon can be replaced by T-Rex apart from Amber. T-Rex is also the works as the Wild symbol in this game. However, you can land additional wilds by acquiring two Amber icons. Running wilds and mystery multipliers are some of the features endowed with this dangerously engaging creation.

Up to 51 online casinos have this game in store so you can play it online. However, you can also download it on your mobile and play it on the go. This game is also mobile and tablet friendly so no need to fuss if you do not own a computer.

Well, with this compilation, you can quickly turn your computer into a TV as you enjoy some if not all of the games we have suggested above. Be sure to play on trusted websites and gamble responsibly. Also, once you try out these games. Leave a comment on your experience below.

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