7 of the Finest Fruits to Grow in Your Garden

While blossoming flowers and radiating floras make our garden our ultimate place of sanctuary, the edible perennial plants make our garden our perfect home because of all the good they bring into our lives.

Nowadays, it’s pretty challenging to find an excellent and healthy source of inexpensive organic food. When you find one, it will undoubtedly cost you a lot. That’s why most people resort to preserved food or processed fruit juices from fast-food chains because of their low prices.

Thus, growing edible plants in your garden is a must. It provides you and your family a good source of fresh food that won’t cause you a dime. And it doesn’t even matter if you live in a city, an urban homestead, or rural areas. What matters is your willingness to create your very own garden, such as call up Rancho Cucamonga arborists for garden care, to enjoy and savor the benefits it provides.

Therefore, you should consider planting these ten finest fruits in your garden:


Blueberries do not only come in handy when it comes to baking your favorite blueberry cheesecake. Blueberries must be found in your garden because of their proven benefits. They protect your body from free radicals and therefore have high antioxidant levels. This means “not now, cancer!”

On top of that, blueberries improve your memory and brain function. They even accelerate your muscles and joints’ recovery after a strenuous exercise.

If you’re amazed by their benefits, you should start digging your garden and plant them. Know that blueberries transplant well, that’s why it’s easy to plant and grow them.


It’s always a good idea to have a lemon tree in your garden. Lemons are pretty much costly at groceries or restaurants. Despite its nutritional components, you would still hesitate to buy them simply because you haven’t allocated enough funds for them.

But should this always be the case? Of course not because you can produce them in your very own garden. Just imagine the benefits these lemons provide to be motivated to plant them. They support heart health, help reduce weight, and prevent anemia and the development of kidney stones. Most importantly, lemons contain anti-aging elements, so you don’t need to go to your dermatologists for a beauty regimen.


The first fruit you would wish to see in your garden during summertime is the sweet, delicious, and juicy watermelons. If you’re watching your diet, watermelons are a healthy replacement for dessert.  They’re refreshing, addicting, and flavorful. And you won’t even feel guilty when you over consume because they are suitable for your body.

Ironically, watermelons prevent diabetes. Further, they are fibrous, which’s why they’re good for digestion. More importantly, your kids will surely love them; you won’t even have to think about ice cream or chocolates for their dessert.


These cute yellow-orange fruits are super rich in vitamins and minerals. They strengthen your blood vessels so you won’t have to worry about having strokes, and they protect your skin from the killer ultraviolet radiation so you won’t have to worry about having wrinkles and skin cancer.

Lastly, apricots also offer a great deal of good dietary fiber for your stomach’s digestion. So while you plan on eating prohibited foods, make sure to munch some apricots for better digestion. Plant these apricots and be ready to reap their benefits. Your body will thank you after that.


Now that virus is still out there despite the available vaccine, you must boost your immune system and not be complacent. Thus, give some space in your garden for peaches. For one, peaches support immunity because they are loaded with Vitamin C and Vitamin A. There is no need to buy many supplements to fight the virus because all you have to do is grow peaches and make them your best friend in these difficult times.


Who doesn’t love strawberries? Aside from the beauty they add to your fruit-filled garden, strawberries are packed with various nutrients. They are an excellent source of Iodine and Vitamin C. Strawberries even help your nervous system’s functioning because of the phytochemicals they produce. 

Further, if you need some pampering, you can make an easy face mask out of these strawberries. You only need to crush them and mix them with honey. That way, you can have your spa at home just by picking these strawberries from your garden.


If you’re carrying bad genes for heart diseases, start contemplating growing grapes in your garden. Grapes are known for reducing blood pressure, improving blood circulation in your body, and fending off the hardening of your arteries and blood vessels. As the saying goes, “prevention is better than cure.” Thus, make eating grapes your daily habit. And you begin that habit by planting some in your backyard.


There’s no excuse not to be healthy anymore. You can’t even argue that organic food is expensive because there’s already a solution to it: your garden. Once you have these fruits in your garden, you won’t even worry about expenses and your health. Know that it always pays to be proactive.


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