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Gemini Should Be Next In Line For RMC Makover

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What coaster should be the next to get an RMC overhaul?

While Cedar Fair has two planned RMC makeovers coming for 2018 (Mean Streak, Hurler), they might look to update Gemini at Cedar Point. It’s a fan favorite, but imagine what could happen to the ride with a little RMC love.


Fans of Twisted Colossus should have a good idea of what a Gemini refurb should look like.

Located at Six Flags Magic Mountain, Twisted Colossus was formerly an old wooden coaster named Colossus. Opened in 1978, the coaster was featured in National Lampoons Vacation. A classic coaster, Six Flags gave Colossus an RMC makeover and named it Twisted Colossus.

What does Twisted Colossus have to do with a potential refurb of Gemini?
Both Twisted Colossus and Gemini are racing coasters. There are two cars on two different tracks that compete with each other.

Gemini has been in existence at Cedar Point since 1978, the same age as the original Colossus. It’s time to overhaul the ride in a big way. Do away with its steel tracks and old wooden structure,and give it the same elements as Twisted Colossus, such as inversions, would make the racing aspect of the ride much more thrilling. A fresh coat of paint could be applied, similar to the blue and green theme Twisted Colossus features, really giving it a makeover.

While Gemini has steel tracks, its wooden structure remains, and there will be some coaster enthusiasts that wish to keep Gemini as is. But even with Mean Streak and Gemini getting some RMC love, Cedar Point still features a classic wooden coaster in Blue Streak, the parks oldest coaster.

With the way RMC has revolutionized wooden coasters, it’s time to upgrade to a smoother, and more exciting, ride experience. There are a ton of wooden coasters that could use an upgrade from RMC. And while Cedar Fair might wait to put another RMC at Cedar Point after Mean Streak, Gemini makes the most sense out of any coaster at their theme parks. Let’s hope this happens at some point in the near future.

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  1. 2 things, blue streak wasn’t the first roller coaster at cedar point, and why would they rmc 2 rides at the same park. Gemini is already a steal hybrid, and it’s a fan favorite. So I dought it will be getting redone

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