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Gorgeous Gossip: Is Kor-Ber Hollywood’s Hottest New May-December Hookup?

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This gossip column opens up with one simple statement. Dear Lord above or whomever you believe in. Hell, I’m even at this point going to make it an emergency Christmas wish for Santa.

Please oh please DO NOT let them breed! Alright, I get it, this might be a strange way to open up a gossip column, but it’s truly necessary after reading that Justin Bieber and Kourtney Kardashian apparently are an item.

A few things come to mind about this pairing. First, this is obviously a publicity stunt! Second, Kourtney is going through a bit of a mid-life crisis. Next in the process, Selena Gomez is stunned by the affair.

The pair have been allegedly hooking-up for months in secret. Bieber, 21 and Kardashian, 36 made headlines when their status slammed the rumor mill. My guess is another attempt to break the internet.

Gomez was said to be in “shock” by the news a source close to her revealed. “She’s known Kourtney for years and would never have pictured her with Justin.” our source tells us.

The rumor went full steam a head when a racy picture of Bieber standing behind a woman bent over his luxury car with the title “Lord knows” . Lord is reportedly a dig at Kourtney’s-ex Scott Disick. Who if you aren’t aware already is delusional enough to think he’s royalty and refers to himself as “Lord Disick”.

Even though, in the photo there is no clear evidence that it’s the oldest Kardashian sister. The pair has been spotted out and about hitting the Hollywood scene.

We can only hope that before Bieber becomes a cast member of this family that the E! channel does it’s duty, and cancels these loons.

I hope everyone has a great Christmas with their families, and Santa is good to you! I’ll be back soon with another sensational story for you!

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