Enroll Your Kids In Online Chess Classes And Let Them Ace The Basics

Over time chess has become a popular choice of game amongst the kids. In fact, the game managed to gather the eye of every kid around the world when a chess match took place in New York in November. The chess match took place between the current World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen and Russian contender Sergey Karijakin and their competition literally turned out to be the biggest chess tournament ever played in the history of chess. To become the best chess player it is important to start your training at an early age. In fact, Carlsen became a chess grandmaster at the age of 13, while Karjakin set an impressive world record when he was just 12 years old. And with the advent of technology, you can easily start your kid’s chess training by enrolling them in online chess classes. In today’s time, even basic chess competitions are becoming battles between the strong and impressive players. Now you must be wondering whether it is possible to make your kid a chess grandmaster? The answer is pretty simple and it’s a YES! Nothing is impossible in this world, all you need are these 6 suggestions to make your child a chess champ!

Suggestions On How to Make Your Child a Chess Master

  1. Start the Training From a Young Age

The best age to start playing the game of chess is 4. The first 2 years are spent on understanding your child’s skills and abilities. And in this period, your kids will be trained for a period of 2 to 3 hours every week. And by the age of 6 if your child stands out in comparison to his friends and peers, then you can add individual exercises to the group sections. In case there is no improvement, you can still let your kids practice because the game of chess will improve your kid’s concentration and mathematical skills.

  1. The Chess Sessions Should Be Fun and Interesting

A child should never be forced to practise and play chess. If they’re not interested, it is of no use. When learning to play chess, there should be a combination of theory and practice. The online chess classes for kids will lay a lot of emphasis on the importance of theory. So the kids should work hard on acquiring all the basic skills, and this will improve their tactical vision so that your kids can try and experiment with different chess combinations.  Scientifically it’s been observed that the child’s debut also plays an important role in getting good chess results from the beginning. The practice sessions should be fun and entertaining. You can also check out online chess classes offered by PiggyRide that will teach your kids all the important chess skills and will make them better at it. Furthermore, they will also be trained under the professional expertise of chess grandmaster Aakash Ganeshan. So, do check out their online chess classes.

  1. Practice and Practice

Practice makes the man perfect! And the same formula can be applied to chess. The game requires a lot of patience, hard work, and practice. And you must ensure that your kids should thoroughly practice chess to master it like a professional. The best way to do this is to lay a lot of emphasis on strengthening the basics of the game. Even if your child has never played chess, continuous practice sessions will motivate your kids to do better and play better.

  1. Play with the Strongest

You cannot ace chess unless you compete against a professional and someone who is highly proficient at it. And your child cannot make any progress if they will not participate in any tournament or chess match. It is also advisable that once your child has mastered the basic ABCs of the game, they must compete against the strong players. They should be provided a platform where they can even participate in online chess tournaments. This can happen after 2 years of learning and mastering the game of chess. PiggyRide also offers the provision of online chess tournaments where your kids can participate with other kids and show off their skills to others.

  1. Indulge in Regular Physical Exercise

Spending too much time playing chess can be very exhausting, especially for the brain. This can lead to physical and mental stress both! And not everyone understands this, but playing chess is actually difficult when compared to other physical activities and sports. And in chess tournaments, the players who have a higher stake of winning are those who are mentally fit and resilient. That is why chess players should always participate in some physical exercise.

  1. Eat Healthy and Nutritional Food

Eating healthy and nutritional food will play a key role in strengthening the neurons of your brain. Moreover, by eating healthy food, your kids will be able to focus more on the game and this will amp up their chess tactics and game strategy. Healthy food will also play a key role in making you the chess master.


These are the 6 suggestions using which you can easily ace the game of chess and this will help your kids in becoming a chess masters easily. PiggyRide offers the best chess classes for kids that will train your kids from the scratch. Moreover, they can also participate in chess tournaments that are conducted once every 2 weeks. Under the expertise of a chess genius such as Aakash Ganeshan, your kids will get an opportunity to work on their chess skills. You can also choose any online chess course based on your kid’s understanding levels. That is the platform offers online chess classes for kids from the beginners level to an advanced level. So you can choose the course as per your preference. So, get ready to let your kids be the next chess master by enrolling them in online chess classes for kids offered by PiggyRide!

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