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Health and Fitness: Which Workout Boosters You Need To Use In Moderation

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When we’re going through a vigorous workout, many people like to use some form of booster to keep themselves going. Some people may swear off them entirely, claiming that they’re unnatural and unsafe. After all, if isn’t the whole point of our exercise routines to get healthy?

Why stick impure, artificial things in our bodies that we don’t really need?

It’s true that there are many supplements and boosters that you should probably keep away from. But for many people, these items are essential. They can be great at boosting workout efficiency, as well as helping with post-workout muscle recovery. The truth is that supplements and boosters can be used safely. If you feel like you need a little extra kick during your workout routine, then read on. We’re going to be looking at the most basic and frequently-used boosters: sugar, testosterone and caffeine.


After a tough workout session, your body gets pretty tired. The energy stores of your muscles have been depleted. Your body will enter what is known as catabolism. To get energy, your body is breaking down muscles and fat. That sentence may have made it sound like some sort of horror movie parasite feasting away at your insides!

It’s actually perfectly normal, but it’s not good if you want to bulk up.

So giving your body a surge of sugar after a workout is productive and good. Some people take this to mean that they should eat a bunch of candy or some chocolate bars. But you should be using more natural sources of sugar. That’s right: fruit! Bananas are an amazing source of post-workout sugar. Try adding honey to any protein drink you may be using, too.

Go to www.HealthyEating.sfgate.com to read more about workout bananas.


These ones make a lot of people nervous. Many see them as unnecessary, perhaps because they don’t get the science behind it. But a testosterone booster can be a vital and healthy product. If someone is suffering from low testosterone levels, this will affect the efficacy of their workout.

Just like any of these products, there are versions that are less healthy than others. The thing to remember is that testosterone boosters can be all-natural. You shouldn’t go with a variety loaded with artificial ingredients. The main active ingredient of any of these boosters should be Tribulus, which is derived from a plant.

Visit www.NewTestosterone.com for more information.


My favorite! Some people may deny its usefulness. But there’s a reason that Olympic athletes aren’t allowed to have any form of caffeine in the hours before their performance! Caffeine is extremely popular even with people who don’t work out. This should be obvious enough, as it’s a big component in coffee.

But can it really be useful in exercise regimens?

Absolutely. As you surely know, a caffeine boost does wonders for your thinking and physical abilities in the short-term. The problem is that people often take dangerous amounts.

You shouldn’t really be drinking more than four or five cups of coffee a day in any case, let alone if you’re putting your body through its paces. And if you’re taking caffeine pills, then it can alarmingly easy to take a dangerous amount.

As with the other boosters, use it wisely! Visit www.AARP.org for an in-depth look at the benefits and risks.

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