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Health and Fitness: Thank Kim Kardashian For Celebrity-Inspired Big Butt Craze

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(image courtesy of celebuzz.com)
(image courtesy of celebuzz.com)


Guess what’s bigger than the global food and water crisis, and even more bigger than Ukraine? Kim Kardashian’s big butt—Yes, you heard that right.

This latest celebrity-inspired craze sure has become a pain in the proverbial rear end for everyone. Breast implants were a thing of the 90’s, now it’s all about getting bigger and more rounder glutes. From Nicki Minaj and Heidi Montag to Jenna Jameson, the list just gets bigger and better.

And why not?  This fall the mini is back in style. So take out that cocktail dress and strut your rear end.

The big butt craze has actually been around for a quite some time. Remember that Latin singer Ricky Martin who’d always go ‘Maria Maria’ and sing random footballish songs? Well know this, he used to wear padded denim to make his butt look more toned.

Now technology—and plastic surgeons—have come up with a more permanent way of keeping that big juicy shape—The Brazilian Fill—or more appropriately the Brazilian Lift, or simply a buttocks augmentation.

To round it up in a bun, the procedure involves the emplacement of a gluteal implant or excessive adipose fat extracted from other parts of the body such as the belly and thighs into the buttocks and touching it up with lipo-sculpture under local anesthesia.

What could possibly become a bigger problem than the big butt are the health issues associated with the procedure.

Firstly, and primarily, the incisions made to begin the process of butt enlargement are made close to the butt hole. This is purely cosmetic – no point in showing off an ass with bruises all over the canvas. But because of this, the potential risk of bacterial infections is very high.

Also owing to location of the incisions, the risks of using local anesthesia could include respiratory failure and cardiac arrest.

But that’s not It. Blood clots can also form in response to the fluids being injected into the butt. These clots may breakdown in the bloodstream and travel to the heart and lungs and can cost you a lot more than what you pay your surgeon for your big butt – your life.

And what could actually make you the butt of all jokes is the gluteal implant shifting within the butt or an asymmetrical lipo-sculpture.

So If you want to look as “bootilicious” as Beyoncé, think again; you just might end up siting on a lot more than just your butt. The bitter truth: we all like big butts and will not lie.

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Author Bio: Zyana Morris is a blogger who usually writes about health related topics. She also writes for different health related brands.

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3 thoughts on “Health and Fitness: Thank Kim Kardashian For Celebrity-Inspired Big Butt Craze

  1. Not even remotely close to being true as many couldn’t care less about Kim Kardashian or what she says or brings.

  2. I’m not going to agree or disagree with you on this, Steven, but KK is one of the people who made the “big butt” fashionable, also got to give some love to the real woman behind this, J-Lo!

    1. Have never heard that before, more importantly it’s about being healthy. If anything Meghan Trainor is the most recent one. Never heard a peep and most people I run into have nothing but negativity towards said particular person.

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