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Health & Fitness: The Biggest “Healthy Eating” Mistakes People Make

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By Carol Trehearn

Finding healthy and enjoyable ways to eat better usually is easier said than done. Whether you developed poor eating habits as a child or simply struggle with portion control, it can be tough to develop and maintain a new, healthy dietary regimen.

There are literally thousands of tips, diets and various foods listed on the web as being helpful in losing weight, gaining energy and improving overall health. Unfortunately, not all of these pieces of advice are true or healthy: through the world of hearsay, many bad ideas become widely circulated.

To make sure that you are not abiding by supposed healthy eating rules that are not good for your goals, let’s review three of the bigger mistakes you might already be making.

Avoiding Fats

Let’s face it: nobody wants to carry excess fat around on their bodies. The very word “fat” is enough to scare many into changing their dietary habits, but the word “fat” and the adjective mean two different things.

Much of what is responsible for expanding waist lines and poor eating choices doesn’t derive from the fat found in foods, but rather, the carbohydrates. Once eaten, excess carbs are stored in the body and become the quintessential fat that so many dread.

However, many fats found in food contain vital ingredients for a healthy life. The body can use fats as a fuel source much like carbs, but without as many health risks. Essential fats in particular play a huge role in metabolic balance and energy levels, so do not automatically avoid foods with fat.

Worshipping “Organic”

The world is never in short supply of food crazes, and the explosive demand for “organic” products has certainly taken the world by storm. Many people instinctively assume that an organic product is not only better than its non-organic counterpart, but downright healthy in general.

Take fruit juice as an example. There are plenty of organic fruit juice options available at your local supermarket, but does that inherently mean the substance itself is healthy? With more sugars than the average soft drink, fruit juice is almost never a healthy choice. Yet all too many are duped into believing so because of an “organic” label.

While organic products may lack fillers, additives, artificial ingredients and other elements that could potentially decrease food quality, the label won’t turn an unhealthy food into a healthy one.

Skipping Meals

Last but not least, arguably the worst healthy eating/dietary decision made by millions is one that involves skipping meals. In many cases, those who do so opt to skip breakfast, which is – despite the cliché – the most important meal of the day.

Healthy eating tips from sites such as The Kitchen Advisor explain why skipping meals is bad: despite the reduction of calories in the short-term, one’s body and brain will conspire at a later time and place to make up the difference. It also can grind your metabolism to a halt, making exercise more difficult and forcing your body to retain as much weight as possible.

Healthy eating doesn’t have to be some one-size-fits-all regimen. There are many different healthy choices and ways to stay in shape that are totally customizable by anybody. However, avoiding bad healthy eating tips is a must and will help prevent mistakes that can derail your progress.

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