Personal injuries are an unavoidable part of day-to-day life. You can be the most cautious person in the world and still fall victim to someone else’s negligence. So, what can you do? Well, if you can’t control the injury, you can ensure that everything after the injury goes in your favor.

The only way to get compensated for your suffering is by hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer Colorado and filing a lawsuit. The case will either go to court or get settled before the trials even begin. In either case, you should be getting compensated if you’ve dealt your cards right.

This is good and all, but there is one major hurdle standing in your way; the insurance company of the person or company at fault. They are the ones that will have to actually pay you the amount. So, they will try their best to move you along with as little as possible.

Tactics insurance will use:

Their first strategy is to negotiate outside the court. They know that once the case gets presented in front of a jury, they will have no power over the amount that they will have to pay. Now, they will try to offer you deals and convince you to take less. If you’ve hired a good lawyer, they will handle these negotiations. It’s their job to ensure that you get the best deal out of this whole ordeal.

If this strategy fails, the insurance company will try to get the jury on their side. They will downplay your injury and blame you for the incident, all in the hopes of having to pay a small amount. This is where keeping your mouth shut becomes important. If you are doing everything correctly, the insurance shouldn’t have anything solid to use against you in court.

These are the things that you should never do in front of the other party’s insurance:

Give more than necessary personal information:

You will have to provide some necessary information to the other insurance company. They will ask about a lot, but the only information that is required is your full name, address, and phone number to get in contact. Do not, under any circumstances, give details about your employment or income. They might try to be sneaky and ask about how you’ve been doing ever since the injury to get more out of you. Just provide the important info and ignore the rest.

Tell them about the injury:

They are not asking about the injury because they are nice or want to empathize with your pain. They are inquiring about this info to form a counterattack in court. Do not tell them anything about the injury. Is your injury healed? How painful is it? How much did it cost in medical bills? Keep all this information to yourself.

Final words:

Remember that the other insurance company is doing everything to save money. As long as you keep quiet and don’t let your guard down, your lawyer should be able to handle the rest.

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