It is said that music has no boundaries, and it is true in all means. If you ever try to elaborate on the meaning of Music, it’s huge because there are many styles, instruments, and ways to play the music. Most people use it to express their feeling and transform a piece of art with it. Music is not used for entertainment purposes only, but it can be a career for a person as well.

You may listen to many artists who belong to the different zones of the world. Their culture reflects their styles, and this is what they want to deliver to the world. The fans of all the music artists do not only belong to their homeland but from the world as a whole. If we only talk about American music, they are also of different styles, but most people would love to play and listen to the Hip Hop genera.

The demand for the new and upcoming Hip Hop songs is so high that many modern artists have introduced and become the start overnight. You can say it’s their luck or they are incredibly talented that people appreciate them and give them the respect and love that they deserve.

We also welcome to the EDDY KRUGER AKA EdThatsMyCup is one of the rising stars of the Hip Hop genera, which is getting famous after his very first song named Heavyweight. According to the singer, music is his life, and he doesn’t think about anything else.

The artist’s influence by the following big name of the music industry, including:

  1. Nipsey Hussle
  2. Roddy Ricch
  3. Mac Miller
  4. Three 6 Mafia

He is also interested in working with Jay-Z, and his interest develops for him because of the same bad condition back in the school, where they both victimized by the bullying. ED left his school when he was in 10th grade and took the assistance of Music to give his message to the world. He always says never to keep quiet and speaks up for your rights.

Moving towards his fan following, he successfully gains a good number of fans throughout the world, in which the Canadian, Australian and European fans are also included. He is now one of the best and famous Hip Hopper in Florida, and people start to recognize him after his first single. He is currently working on his further projects, and we are desperately waiting for them.

Social media accounts:

EDDY is successfully operating two social media accounts in which one is on Twitter, and another is on Instagram. On his Instagram account, edthatsmycup has 9,568 followers, and his fans following is growing every day.

On Twitter, he has an account with his original name EDDY KRUEGER, and he is active on this account as well. You can follow him and get the notification of his recent release and further information. We hope soon we will get the chance to Listen Edthatsmycup.



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