Today history has been made as Ketanji Brown Jackson has been confirmed as the next Supreme Court Justice.

Brown Jackson will become the first African American woman to serve on the United States highest court. She was confirmed with a vote of 53-47. Unfortunately the vote should not have even been that close to begin with as he was one of the most qualified candidates ever.

Those qualifications include more experience than Clarence Thomas, John Roberts, Elena Kagan, and Amy Coney Barrett. Brown Jackson also has experience as a public defender which no other person who has served on the supreme court has ever done.

Meaning that she is the first one on the court to have that experience.

Unfortunately her confirmation was an absolute disgrace. For example, she was asked to define what a “woman” is. Whether she was an activist judge. If babies were somehow racist. Senator Josh Hawley attempted to try to discredit Brown Jackson as having “a habit of letting child porn offenders off the hook.” Of course that easily fact checked and proven not to have happened.

Still since it was out there a certain group of individuals believed that it was true, regardless.

Lindsey Graham made the most ridiculous statement with this “I’ll say this: If we get back the Senate, and we’re in charge of this body and there is judicial openings, we will talk to our colleagues on the other side; but if we’re in charge, she would not have been before this committee.”

A completely absurd comment. Thankfully for many, Graham does not have the senate and Brown Jackson is going to make history.

Here are the reactions on social media of Brown Jackson getting confirmed.


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