Whether you stay in a studio apartment, have a small living room or a tiny bedroom to yourself – remember that a small space does not necessarily have to feel small. While you can’t really increase the size of your room, there are clever ways to give an illusion of a larger room and create an airy and inviting atmosphere.

Here are 7 interior design hacks to enhance small spaces and make them seem bigger –

Soft Colors: For starters, you need a paint color that will make your space seem larger. Light or neutral colors such as soft tones of white, yellow or pretty pastel shades of pink, blue or green work well for walls and ceilings, giving the impression of more space. If you think plain walls are boring, getting black and white stripes done on walls or even having a dramatic accent wall does the trick.

Mirrors: Create a feeling of expansiveness with aesthetically pleasing mirrors to embellish your home. There are so many ways you can incorporate mirrors in your décor to instantly add depth and elegance to your space.

The best way is to place it across a window such that it reflects the natural light. If not, you can also place it behind the focal furniture in your living room – this will add a touch of glamour while making the room seem more spacious.

If you aren’t into large mirrors, decorating your walls with mirrored accents or better still, using mirrored furniture does wonders too.

Lighting: The perfect lighting to make your room feel larger is natural light. Maximize daylight in your room and watch how the bright light opens the space. What about after it gets dark, you ask?

As you have limited space, opt for recessed lighting. They are installed in the ceiling and are a great choice because they free up floor space and are also effective in lighting up your room. Ensure all the corners are well lit – dark corners tend to make your space look duller and more constricted. If you want to go for floor or table lamps, the trick is to focus the light on walls and ceilings.

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Curtains: Curtains add texture, color and finesse to a room, but did you know that the way you hang curtains is also key to adding depth to your space?

Achieve a more spacious feel by mounting sheer, lightweight curtains close to the ceiling instead of the window frame – this creates an illusion of height. Extend the curtain rods past the window width so the window appears larger than it is.

Avoid going in for dark, heavily patterned fabrics as they absorb light, making your room look smaller.

Flooring: All this while we spoke about how light and bright colors make spaces look larger, but this does not hold true in the case of flooring. The right combination of light walls and ceilings and dark flooring does make the room seem more spacious too. Keep the flooring consistent because it creates consistency and lets one room flow into the other.

Another important flooring aspect are carpets and rugs. They anchor the décor and bring individuality and warmth to spaces. Wall-to-wall carpets are always recommended to make small spaces seem larger. If you don’t want to undergo the hassle, then you can place well-sized rugs in certain areas. Don’t try to fit all the furniture on the rug, instead just place the front legs of your key furniture on the rug and that should be fine.

Furniture: The worst thing you can do is going overboard with furniture and cramping the space. Acknowledge that you have a small space and do it up such that there is room to breathe.

The key is to keep it sleek, simple and functional. Floating or angled furniture always works better as compared to furniture pushed against a wall. The former gives a sense of openness and cultivates an airy environment. Another way to do this is to opt for elevated furniture. This exposes more of the floor and wall, making the room appear bigger.

Clutter-Free: More the clutter, smaller your room looks! How much ever you hate it, keeping your space clutter-free truly enhances the way your room looks. Make sure you invest in proper storage solutions, shelves and space saving furniture. That way you can maximize storage space and ensure everything has a place in your house.

It’s all about tricking the eye and creating an optical illusion of a more spacious space. So, be clever while decorating your small space and watch how the little things you might have overlooked can go a long way in impacting how your room finally appears.

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