Designing a house is not an easy job. It requires a great deal of creativity and hard work. So, here are some tips to get your creative juices flowing.

Choose a signature color scheme: The color scheme is the most important part of interior design. You need to select a color scheme that will best suit the lighting of your location. Only buy the remainder of the furniture and all the decorative pieces once you have finalized the color scheme. To check what color will suit the house best you can use applications like Houzz and colorsnaps which allow you to create a virtual design of any house.

Hang some art: Nobody likes empty walls. They just look dull and boring, and they always make it seem like something is missing. Even a room with the most elegant furniture and paint can look out of sorts if there aren’t any artworks on the walls. Picking out the art of the right color and size is key.

You want to make the house more inviting, but at the same time, you don’t want to cover up the whole wall. Adding artworks and paintings to your décor can make your house look less like a college dorm and more like a place for elegant and classy grownups

Focus on the lighting: Proper lighting is very important to finalize any house. What is the purpose of spending so much money on decorating your house when it is not lighted properly? You need to focus on creating a balance between the natural light and the added lights of the house.

During the day let the natural light come in, while at night you will need to have lamps and lights placed at the right location to lighten the house according to the décor. Every room needs to have a focal point which has to be lighted more brightly.

Accessorize: A common mistake many people make while decorating their houses is that they overcrowd the rooms with furniture. You need to let your furniture breath. Placing decoration pieces and other items in the empty places will make the room look full and complete without overcrowding it.

You can use lamps and sculptures to fill empty spaces on the floor. Or you can use some bowls, urns, photo frames or vases to fill empty spaces on tables and mantle places. Artistic throw-pillows can be used to fill up empty spaces on couches and beds

Let some nature in the house: After adding all the furniture and accessories into the room, it may start to look claustrophobic. To neutralize the room you should consider adding some plants. Introducing some natural elements like plants and natural wood into the décor can be a great way to balance out the sleek lines and contemporary furniture. Add some pots with small plants in the windows where they can get natural light. You can also use some ornamental plants to liven up the room.

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