Most music fans would love to get inside a recording studio and see their favourite music legend in action. But not all music is created in a traditional studio.

Over recent decades, the biggest stars have set up studios in their own home so they can create music any time of day without having to go anywhere.

And it’s not just music legends who want to record in their own home.

If you’re a musician, you might want to create a studio of your own. Insulation Express have looked into the best way to prepare a space to be a recording studio.

Start by finding the perfect space, as big as you can manage. Then, soundproof the area, blocking any gaps. Insulating the floor and walls will reduce reverberation of sound from within and from outside. This will also stop any arguments with your neighbours.

Find out more about creating a recording studio and the musicians who have already done it.

Living Room To Live Room by Insulation Express.

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