With the advancement in technology and its widespread use, the automatic folding gates are a new trend. A lot of people have already started to install this amazing set of a machine at their houses just to make it extra cool.

It is quite inexpensive and adds up beauty to your house and ensures comfort. Since it completely runs on electricity and is automatic, you don’t need to step out yourself to open the door. This is the result of upgraded technology which makes it easier for old people and even children and patients in your home, to control the opening and closing of the gates.

Anatomy of Automatic folding gates

Automatic folding gates are a simple set of a machine which has an electric motor installed which drives the opening and closing of the doors. The command can be given through a transmitter which is received by a tool fixed with the door. The command then prompts the motor to close or open the door.

The best thing about the automatic folding gates mechanism is that they can be attached even with your existing doors and they do not require you to completely replace them. The mechanism is installed with the existing doors by attaching few tools and equipment. You can also buy the whole folding gate kit according to your convenience.

How to choose the right automatic gate?

When it comes to choosing the right gate, it is always confusing as a lot of things needs to be taken care of. You also require the weight, height and length of the door in order to choose the right driver to run the electric gate.

The following things need to be taken care of beforehand so that you purchase a right driver.

1. Size of the leaves: – The size of the gate leaves needs to be measured. The length height of the leaves decides the capacity of the driver required.

2. The weight of the gate leaf: – The weight of the leaves is another important deciding factor. The drivers come with a maximum capacity which needs to keep in mind before selecting the driver. The capacity of each driver we mentioned in the product description overview.

3. Space for motorization: – The borders of the post hold the motors at a good distance from the pivot axis and the interior of the gate. The available space for the opening of the gates decides which electric gate system would be the best in that situation.

Automatic folding gates installation

These electric gates are often installed by the service team of the manufacturing company. In case of attaching the system to the current gate, all your requirements are a motor, transmitter and few other simple equipment.

You can also call a mechanic or an electrician to do the job at home.

If you choose to install a new automatic folding gates with all the new kit, the company usually sends a team of members to get the dimensions and then install the right gate.

The automatic folding gates have become quite a popular stuff in the market ever since they were introduced.

The reason that makes it even more popular is that it is quite inexpensive and worth the amount you spend on it. It can also be linked to your smartphone which shows you the image of the visitors, and you can also communicate with them on the intercom.

In any case, this makes it easier for you to intensify and tighten your home security and in case of any unforeseen circumstances, you can also get a recorded version who entered your premises while you were away, as you can install CCTV cameras on these gates.

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