When renovating your home, the kitchen is one of the areas where more attention must be given. Bear in mind that this is one of the busiest places in your home and more particularly a section where plumbing, lighting and energy efficiency must be simultaneously given consideration

If you are not careful enough with your kitchen remodeling strategy a lot of things might go wrong; it will backfire and kitchen remodel can rip you off. You will find yourself digging deeper into your pockets than you had anticipated. Although modern kitchens with super trendy designs can cost you quite a huge chunk of money to install, you can still save yourself a few dollars and still come out with a superbly outstanding remodeled kitchen. Even when working on a tight budget, you can still get the kitchen that adds value to your life. Here are some tips

Renovate your kitchen in stages

Sometimes you will run out of options especially when working on a tight budget. However, you can deal with the most urgent spaces within the kitchen that demand immediate work and reschedule other projects for a later date. This will enable you to save for the ones that require a great sum of money. At the same time, your project cannot be stalled if you work on those that are easy first. For example, if you are in a dilemma on whether to put glass on your cabinet first or to change the hardware, choose the easiest that costs less than the other. In this case, putting glass on the cabinet will save you both time and money

Create a temporary kitchen

You don’t need to eat out while your kitchen is undergoing a makeover!

Since it is only the kitchen that needs modernizing, you can organize for a makeshift kitchen to serve the purpose before the kitchen renovation project kicks off. You can set it up in the basement or the garage. Create a smooth surface that you can place your cooker on by using wood on top of your old cabinets. This can save you money that would have been used to eat out until the project is over.

Using Refinished hardwood

New flooring can be very expensive. To avoid this, you might want to consider having the hardwood refinished instead of replacing it. This does not mean that your kitchen will look old with refinished hardwood. There are great designs that you can borrow a leaf from to make the hardwood look more stylish.

Seek for cheaper material transport services

One of the ways that you can take part in your kitchen remodel is by transporting the materials for renovation without paying someone to do it for you. Use your truck to get the materials yourself. If this is not possible, seek for a transporter who fits within your budget. When you depend on a contractor to haul materials to your home, they will add up the cost and it will turn out to be more expensive.

Don’t change the cabinets

In your quest to have a kitchen remodel, you might feel the need to replace all your cabinets. Before doing this, keenly evaluate how the value of such an undertaking. Doing all new cabinets will no doubt be expensive. If they are still in good shape and their quality is superb, choose to resurface them instead. With the right paint and polish, it is possible to give your cabinets a fresh look. Use both paint and polish alternatively and you will be amazed at the end results. This will significantly reduce your budget.

Modern kitchens can cost you a lot even after planning beforehand. However, with these easy guidelines, you can save, and at the same time, work on a tight budget.

Be keen on what you choose for lighting

Kitchen lighting is very demanding and a lot of thought needs to be given to it before embarking on the entire project. Recessed lighting, for instance, is labor intensive. If you have plans to have them installed, you will find yourself using more money than you had intended. Your kitchen can still illuminate from other lighting fixtures like track lighting. These cost less and provide your kitchen with plenty of light. At the same time, see whether you can adjust window styling to make your kitchen more light efficient.

Don’t move your appliances a lot

If you have made a decision to replace your cabinets with new ones, you might be in need of some more room. Moving the appliances around can be expensive as you may need intensive adjustments as you try to create space. Among costs that might be associated with such change is an adjustment of your sockets so that they can serve the new setting. This increases your budget unnecessarily.


A tight budget should not be a hindrance to a great remodeled kitchen. Most importantly keep your alternatives open. If there items that can be rescheduled for later, it might significantly reduce the cost while allowing you to do the renovation later when your finances allow.

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