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How Can Writing Good Essays in College Benefit Your Career?

Most of what college students do as part of their learning is writing. To be honest, writing is not always fun, it is challenging. Take essays for example – you have to write loads of them.To be a good essay writer, you have to conduct a profound research and know how to express your own opinions on the topic. Not everyone is skillful at expressing thoughts on writing. If you need help in sharpening your skills, you might want to check PaperHelp review.

Writing skills will come in handy even after college. Writing is an integrate part of our lives. For example, we regularly share our thoughts and opinions on social media, exchange short emails and chat messages. However, long form such as essay writing can benefit your career by developing crucial professional skills.

Analytical skills

When writing essays, thorough research is key. This involves looking for information from credible sources and putting ideas together to provide deep insight into the topic. The skills you acquire here will be useful for your career because analysis of various sources and evaluation of information is key to many positions in marketing, law, finance, statistics, sociology, and even health care, to say nothing about managing your own business.

Clear thinking

Good writing makes even the most complex ideas seem simple and easily understood. To write clearly you must think clearly. This is also a skill trained by essay writing, which stays useful throughout your entire career. With all the information buzzing in your head, you must find the way to convey it in a coherent and succinct form. This skill will come in handy when your less experienced colleagues will come to consult you.

Ability to take criticism

When you submit your essay for review, more experienced people – your professors and tutors– will read and grade it. Sometimes an essay comes back with notes and criticism, which you should learn to take positively. This prepares you for future career, as such situations will happen quite often. These skills will help you listen more carefully to the opinions of other people – teammates, bosses, clients. It is not unusual to be overprotective of your projects and ideas, especially if you work in a creative field. Yet being open to criticism is a necessary condition for growth and learning.

Persuasive ability

While writing essays, you have to put your points across in such a way that you will persuade your readers. This skill is quite beneficial for career in any field. For example, if you are a salesperson, you will use the persuasive skills to get more clients. You will explain to them why they should buy your products or services and the reason why your proposition is the best. This is the most obvious example, of course, yet the ability to convince and motivate is paramount in most career fields.



Sometimes sharing your thoughts with others can be a problem. You might not feel confident enough. However, when you write essays, you are constantly encouraged to express you opinions, you are rewarded for them. The most valuable thing – you are heard. When you see that the ideas you have put on paper, got you a good grade, you feel more confident. This teaches you to see challenges not as obstacles, but as opportunities. This ability is very valuable for entrepreneurs and creatives.

Excellent writing

Writing is a basic form of business communication. For instance, you will have to write cover letters and resumes while looking for a job, emails to coworkers, reports to bosses, and instructions for subordinates. As an entrepreneur,you will have to write dynamic business proposals and email pitches. In fact, skilled writers have a higher percentage of being promoted in their workplaces. The writing skills you hone by creating essays in college will pay off tenfold when you join the workforce.

Final thoughts

With the huge volumes of essays you have to write, you might think that all this serves no purpose and your professors invent those topics only to make your life miserable. However, as you can see, the complex process of writing teaches you a great deal – just like doodling and coloring as a toddler taught you the necessary fine motor skills and developed your brain. You might not understand this process in its entire complexity, but writing benefits you greatly. Do not dismiss it as repetitive and tiresome task. Well-developed writing skills are very helpful in your future career.

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