New patio project can be difficult. If you are planning to add a patio to the backyard or your garden, you must have some knowledge of the structure and its features.

Which Is The Best Place To Add A Patio?

If your lot is small in size then you need not think much but if you have sufficient space to play around with, you need some careful considerations. A professional may help you find the best location for a patios Sydney for reducing the cost by selecting the flattest area and maximizing the view. Search for pergola designs at Correct Constructions.

For convenience, the patio must be right next to your house in the area that is private. There is something to be said for an outdoor room that is a destination. You need a good reason to go there like a fire pit. How to access the spot provides a design opportunity- you can do fun things with circulation and geometry with the paths that lead people there.


Do You Need Permits To Build A Patio?

One reason for which you may require permits is excavation. If you have to move a lot of soil around, your municipality will want to know about it. And secondly, if you are pouring concrete, the local authorities will inspect the site before the placement. The clean water act imposes another regulation. If your patio is a hard surface and big, you have to deal with the stormwater draining off it.

It must be sloped away from the house and if there is a drain, you have to treat the water that comes out the other end, sending it through filtration soil before allowing it to go back to the environment. If you are installing a drain pipe you have to consider how water gushes out after the rainstorm and how it will affect the surrounding landscape especially when you are on a slope. The problem can be solved by installing a perforated disposal pipe to let the water spread out.


What Are The Best Materials For Patio Pavers?

The choice of material should be done by the architecture of the building and the intended use of the patio. For a formal patio intended to be used for entertainment, hard surface is preferred that allows guests to wear high heels. Bricks would not be a good choice unless there are bricks on the building. Because the modules are small and they require handling of a lot of pieces and you have to pay a Mason to do this work. Large pavers go down faster. Bricks also require the compact base to be laid for certain mortar. But fun patterns and mosaic designs can be done with them.

Concrete matches well with contemporary architecture. When concrete slabs are laid, integral colours can be used to make it look like natural stone or for more intense shades, colour hardener concrete can be used. Nowadays large scale random pattern pavers are used that are very attractive. Some companies design a lot of paint used in gravel and crushed rock, starting with compacted road-based material and then topping it with three-quarters of an inch of crushed rock. This gives a uniform look that is easy to walk on and is easy to maintain.



Keeping the materials and design of the patio simple will help to reduce the cost. Rectangles help control the budget. Soft radiuses and turns require a lot of cutting and will increase labour. Keep the design simple and do not fight your module. Do not dig too deep. When you move a lot of soil, the cost rises. Excavation and site work are the most expensive parts of a project. So when you plan a patio project then you have to consider the design tips, layouts and the material to be used for your project.


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