You heard about stand up paddling and wanted to give it a try this summer? Good for you! This water sport is a lot of fun. When choosing a stand up paddle board, there are many factors you need to consider, to learn how to ride a SUP in the best conditions. Below is everything you need to know about choosing the right paddle board for you.

SUP Board’s shape

As a beginner your main goal is to have fun on the water and explore what stand up paddling has to offer. Among all shapes of boards (surf, all round, cruising, touring and race), all round SUP models are great for most conditions especially flat waters, and easily maneuverable. Thus, better for beginners.

Rigid or inflatable?

We recommend inflatable SUP models as they are the most popular styles of beginner boards, and most of all because they are usually larger in width and thicker. Also, they can be taken on any journey. Inflatable Paddle Boards offer a complete portable package at a price anyone can afford. When deflated, they pack down into the size of a sleeping bag and inflate in just minutes.


To make your ride on water more comfortable, the thickness of your paddle board is essential. The thicker the board, the more stable you can stand. We recommend first-time riders choosing a board 15cm thick. Do not go below 13cm even if the price is low as the board will not be rigid enough. If the board is too soft, your stability will be weak, and you will have a hard time maneuvering it.


As a beginner, you are looking for stable stand-up paddle boards. We recommend choosing wider boards to provide more stability going from 30″ to 35”. For beginners, stay in the range from 32” to 34”.

Convertible boards into kayaks

Some SUP models include rings that makes it possible for you to fix a kayak seat on them. This option is perfect for first riders. You can alternate a seating position and a stand-up position to become more familiar with your board. You can also paddle while seated when the wind rises to spare energy.


The length of your paddle board is not a crucial element for beginner paddlers. Simply know that the more length a board has, the more fluid is your ride. Thus, don’t hesitate to pick a board with a high length (between 10′ et 12’6) for an easier ride.


You want to choose a stand-up paddle board that has enough volume (buoyancy) based on your weight to properly float you. If the paddler is too heavy for a SUP board, the board will sit lower in the water and thus create more drag, making it difficult to pick up speed. Remember to account for the added weight of the gear you plan on bringing as well. In general, a good volume for an inflatable board for a beginner is between 220L and 280L.


As a beginning paddler, it is best to use adjustable paddles. You will then be able to find the perfect length for you and adjust it as you become more experienced. If you don’t find adjustable paddles, then we recommend aluminum paddles to prevent from hurt and save money.


Make sure your paddle board has a leash to bind you to your board. This safety accessory is necessary, especially when one begins. The leash ensure that you stay close to your board and don’t lose it when you fall.

Our selection of the best inflatable paddle boards for beginners

Zray E10 Paddle Board

If you were looking for a nice SUP model easy to use, light, stable and great for all conditions, at a reasonable price as well, look no more, you have it thanks to the Zray E10 Paddle Board!

9.9′ long, 30″ wide, 5″ thick, 10,7kg heavy and able to support up to 110kg: the Zray E10 Paddle Board will not disappoint you.

Key West Classic Air 10.2 Paddle Board

This inflatable Key West Classic Air 10.2 SUP Board is ideal for average-build paddlers, as well on flat waters as on waves. Simple but efficient, its shape will bring you everything you can expect from a typical SUP board. With a length of 10’2″, the board is perfectly designed for a great slide even on long-distance rides. The shape of the tail enhances the maneuverability and stability in chaotic waters. The central fin makes this model great for all types of environments. You can have a blast with it on flat waters as well as in the surf.

Aquatone Wave 10.0 Paddle Board

The inflatable Wave 10.0″ paddle board is highly performant and multipurpose, not to mention its alluring design. This All Round SUP board is great for all conditions and suit beginners as well as intermediate paddlers. The board is 15cm thick combined with a stringer to provide great rigidity even in the most difficult waters.

Ready to hit the water?

If you want to get an idea of all inflatable paddle boards available, the online water sports store Nootica offers a wide selection of inflatable paddle boards for all tastes.


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