Diabetic people have high sugar levels in their blood, making them susceptible to infections. If you have diabetes, you should always check your blood sugar levels, eat healthy, exercise, and visit your doctor regularly for checkups. If you do not monitor your health, diabetes can lead to foot infections. When your nerves are damaged, you cannot feel any cuts, leading to ulcers. Luckily, you can prevent foot infections by seeking help from specialists for diabetic foot care in Las Vegas at Battle Born Bone. The specialists at the facility offer comprehensive foot care services to make you be on top of your health.

What are the symptoms of a diabetic foot problem?

Being diabetic means that you can get foot infections; when you are infected, it needs immediate medical attention. This is why you should know the signs of foot problems resulting from diabetes. Earlier detection and treatment prevent the severity and make you stay healthy. It is crucial to monitor your feet daily; if you see any changes, talk to your doctor. The following are the signs that will help you see your doctor:

·    Loss of sensation

·    Presence of stains in your socks

·    Painless blisters or wounds

·    Burning pain

·    Wounds that do not seem to heal

·    Pain in the calves when walking or resting

·    Swollen feet

·    Your leg’s changes in color

·    Mild aches

·    Hair loss on the legs and feet

If you experience any of these signs, talk to your doctor immediately.

What will my doctor do with my foot problems?

When your doctor confirms that you have a foot problem, they will inform you of the level of infection and risk. Your medical caregiver will then explain the available treatment options and agree with you on the treatment plan. This may include the types of socks you should wear and how you can take care of your feet. Your doctor will then advise you to go for regular checkups.

What if I do not treat a foot problem?

It is advisable to seek medical assistance for any condition, whether it looks harmless or not. If you do not treat a foot problem, it can lead to complications such as:

·    Bone infection and abscess

·    Skin infections

·    Death of tissues leading to gangrene

·    Charcot foot due to weakened bones, causing them to breath.

·    Deformity

·    Foot ulcers that never heal

It is vital to go for a medical checkup since your doctor can treat some of these complications, such as infection. However, some of them, such as gangrene, can lead to permanent complications. This explains why you should talk to your doctor immediately when you realize a change in your feet.

It is vital for people living with diabetes to prevent foot problems by practicing foot hygiene. You can avoid complications by regularly checking your feet, washing your feet, and wearing the right socks. Do regular exercise to encourage blood flow in your body. If you have a diabetic foot problem, book an appointment with your specialist at Battle Born Bone to start leading a healthy life.

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