Dating apps have become very common to use these days. A platform where people get to know about other one and can approach them if they’re both like match.

Many of us want to know about someone special whom they just met or made eye contact. So, many dating apps came up where who can find if that particular person is also searching for someone like you.

Tinder is the most popular app used by many nowadays. It’s commonly used and preferred for its easy access and popularity. When Tinder got launched, it gained its popularity in no time. It became trendy among youngsters.

Get yourself registered and start your search for the perfect match for you. But still many of us don’t know how to use Tinder properly and get many matches with your profile, here is a nice Tinder review of what tips you should use to make your profile stand out!

Tips to follow to get more matches!

1. Choose bright colours for your clothes: We know that the first impression is the last impression on someone. So, if you want to have a vivid impact on someone, then do look about your picture, which is your representation on the app for others. That one picture of yours can be the reason for your perfect match.  As per the Tinder rules also pick a photo in which you have worn someone bright and natural colours.

2. Put a perfect picture:  When you click an image, make sure you look straight into the camera but as so scary like a serial killer. It merely means that your photo should maintain eye contact with the viewer because it’s your introduction to that person while they view your image.

3. Don’t cover your face: Many times we think that it looks cool to wear an eyeglass or a hat. But instead, the outcome is entirely the opposite. According to Tinder, 15 % of your swipe rate reduces after you cover up your face. So, always click your pictures where your face is visible to the viewers.

4. Don’t use sultry gaze: While you click your photos don’t make weird faces or weird smiles which will completely ruin your image among others. Just have a simple smile on your face, which makes you look perfect and elegant.  A simple smile makes you look out of the box, and your image is perfect for your profile. If you are not getting matches on Tinder then we would recommend you to get a profile on another dating site via

5. Put different pictures other than selfies: When you upload your photos on Tinder, make sure to upload various images which are perfect. Don’t just put up your random selfies and show off. Your every image is essential and so select different beautiful photos which are good looking.


So, now I hope you have got a good idea of how to use perfect images for your profile pictures. Now without wasting time, go ahead and select your beautiful photos or click some fantastic images which can increase your swipe rate.  In this way, you can get more matches to your profile, and luckily you can find your perfect match.


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