Golfers who want to improve their game can do so by utilizing one of the many new tech-savvy options available on the sports market today. When searching for the best tech piece to lower their stroke count and improve their speed of play, a rangefinder could be the best choice for amateur and elite golfers alike. 

Best budget golf rangefinder

Go Go Go Sport Laser Rangefinder

The Gogogo option is specifically designed for golfers and hunters who want to use a budget golf rangefinder to measure course slope for club selection. The positives of this budget rangefinder include the 650-yard range, 6x lens zoom capability, and the slope measurement to help you make the correct club selection while on the course. The only negative is the speed of calculations is slower than other budget rangefinders on the market. 

LaserWorks Pro X7 Golf Rangefinder

One of the best budget golf rangefinder options is the LaserWorks, a mechanism that features a ‘pin sensor’ to help golfers calculate slope measurements and lock in on the flagstick. This rechargeable rangefinder can last multiple hours on the course, connecting wirelessly to the charging base to provide power for up to 3 hours. 


The only negative of using this budget golf rangefinder is the occasional glitches while using. 

PEAK PULSE 7S Golf Rangefinder

The third option for the best budget golf rangefinder is the Peak Pulse choice, which measures the scope, vibrates when you lock onto a pin, and offers a 500-yard range suitable for most courses. 

Benefits of using a golf rangefinder

Practice makes perfect

You can measure the precise distance of each ball you hit during your practice sessions by using a golf rangefinder. Analyzing and saving this data can help you improve your scores in the following rounds. Using the calculations to get the pinpoint distance to the flags and greens on the range helps you alter your speed and swing style. Reach out to Tee Precision to learn more about it.

On the tee

You can use a budget golf rangefinder to measure the distances to fairway bunkers, to other course hazards, and obstacles to look out for while setting up for your next hit. A golf rangefinder helps a golfer use the correct club for the next hit.

Use on the fairway

With a budget golf rangefinder, you can calculate the precise distance to the pin. Modern rangefinders have a pin seeker function, enabling you to get the distance to the pin, not any other obstacle in the line of sight. 

Increases speed of play

Using a budget golf rangefinder can increase your speed of play and shorten the time of your round. Once you are used to this technology, it only takes a few seconds to check the distance of your next shot. 


Golfers who want to increase their speed of play, practice more accurately, and reduce the number of strokes during their golf games can benefit from choosing one of the best budget golf rangefinders.

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