All on 4 is one of the most complex procedures of dental surgery around. Like many things, the big difference between being able to do the process, and being able to do it right.

1. Check the doctor’s authenticity. Dental chains and dental offices like to incorporate the combined experience of their teams into their marketing (“Over 75 years’ experience. You need to look at the technology that each doctor has to do the job.

2. Ask how many of the all on 4 cases he / she did. The more, the better. You don’t want to be one of the first 50 people this dentist has ever seen this procedure if you can avoid it. You are looking for someone who is well versed in the procedure, and who knows how to deal with unexpected surprises during surgery.

3. Make sure they have vast experience in all on 4 dental implants. This is very similar to the above, but we must emphasize it. You can find a dentist who has done a few of the all on 4 procedures, but is trying to sell you a number of standard dental implants they have done. While it’s reassuring to know that they have surgical experience, All on 4 is a different procedure for traditional dental implants. The layout and placement of the installations is extremely complex for all on 4, and is where most of the required experience goes.

4. Look for doctors who provide certifications for their profession. Medical confirmation is dangerous for a doctor, so it is often a good sign if someone is confident enough to give it.

Tips for finding the right arch installation procedure for your needs:

1. Beware of dentists who offer all on 4 dental implants as a whole. Age, bone type, and lifelong goals may play a role in determining the most appropriate type of problem. If your dentist does not take this, you are not getting the best treatment.

2. Ask your dentist if you are ready to have 6 or more implants per arch. An experienced dentist will give you honest feedback, and be able to explain why you are ready or unfit for the procedure. If you are not satisfied with their response, ask around.

3. Educate yourself on Fixed Zirconia Bridge and Hybrid Bridge restorations. Learn the good and bad of these processes in depth so that you can ask informed questions. It may also be helpful to ask your dentist about these options first instead of all on 4 dental implants.

4. Get a second opinion. Or third, or fourth. If you are not sure that you are getting the best treatment recommendation, double check with other experienced dentists. While they may all have their own unique personalities, they should agree on the type of installation process that suits you best

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