A man’s penis is his pride as it embodies his masculinity and virility. Most of the times, everything is ok and your member rises to the expectations, saluting any beautiful woman hard and strong. But what about the moments when you can’t have an erection?

This happens to men of all ages, without having to suffer from a specific condition or to be impotent. The causes of not being able to have an erection are multiple, stress being the most common problem. As you might expect, once you can’t rise to the expectations, you become stressed out, so you enter a dangerous loop which lowers your sexual confidence. If you are a healthy man, there are some ways to cure your temporarily erectile dysfunction. From penis exercises to masturbation done the right way and focusing on your partner, these simply methods you can try at home help you relax. The more relaxed you are, the harder you will become.

Massage your penis

A penis massage is essentially masturbation, which you are already doing. However, most men do it quick and silently – thanks to our teenage years, when we had to do it before someone entered the room – which might actually damage the penis blood vessels. To do it right, replace the rough up and down movements with a gentle, long movement.

First, you need to prepare for your massage by giving yourself enough time. Start by massaging your abs, thighs and groin using massage oil. Apply pressure by using long movements, in one direction and focus on the pleasure you feel. This will promote blood flow in your genital area and will unblock any lymph nodes you might have. Then you can proceed to the penis, squeezing it from the base and then release, as many times as you want. Don’t forget to massage your testes either.

As you continue with the massage focus on the pleasure and how you become hard. You can try edging, which is bringing yourself to the ejaculation point, then retreat, until your penis softens a bit, only to do it again. A cycle of three repeats until you do ejaculate will help improve your sex life and will make you harder.

Focus on the mutual connection

Most men focus on the sex itself, but you can learn to focus on your partner. This will help you relax and will promote a better blood flow in your penis, thus, leading to better, harder erections. Working on an emotional connection is not easy, but once you do overcome your fears, you will be able to have better sex with your partner.

Relax and enjoy the moment

Because stress is the main cause of erectile dysfunctions, relaxing is the cure. Stop focusing on getting hard and just enjoy the intimate connection with your partner. If your penis doesn’t want to cooperate, focus on her pleasure. After all, sex is not just about an erection, it’s about the pleasure you can get and receive from your partner.

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