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When it comes to having a good time, Brissies are renowned for knowing how to have a good time. Being the capital of sunny Queensland Territory in Australia, this town is known for its tropical weather that elicits warm smiles. This wonderful river city is the third most densely populated in the Land Down Under. It is known for providing good employment, excellent education opportunities, holistic healthcare, robust shopping, and vast restaurant options. Brissies love to eat and enjoy gastronomic feasts that tickle their taste buds. 

If you are hosting an office meeting or party for the team, you need to make it a point to order good food to satisfy everyone’s palate. Thankfully, many catering providers in Brisbane or catering for small parties in Toronto can fulfil your order requirements. But choosing one from the many different catering businesses can be overwhelming. Take a peek at these tricks to help you decide which catering company to provide your office menu.

Do Your Due Diligence

How does one choose the perfect catering service for an office event? Research is the answer! With technology, there is simply no excuse not to do this important homework. Search online for catering companies near you that carry dishes that fit your team’s taste. Apart from perusing official catering websites, you must read online reviews and testimonials. Look for the best sellers and other good dishes that will be great for your party. Food can really set the tone of your office shindig. 

Identify Your Theme

The food should not only be as good as the meeting or party itself, but it should blend well with the theme. Hosting a Parisian party? Pick a caterer that specialises in French cuisines. The dishes will help improve the ambience of your office event. If you want a more beach themed lunch, a catering company that serves barbeque, burgers, and other finger foods is perfect for you. When picking from catering providers in Brisbane, it is important to establish the kind of event you will be hosting so you can find a service that can deliver what you need.

Find Out If Your Team Has Food Intolerances

As much as possible, take a poll to see if anyone has severe allergies or other food intolerances. Some can’t take certain food items because of cultural or religious practices. Being the official organiser, it is your job to find out what your officemates like or dislike. You must order a wide array of food that can accommodate everyone’s preferences. You want to make sure that everyone can eat something at your office event. 

Determine the Number of Your Attendees

If you are hosting a larger gathering, it is important to note how many people will be attending. Will it be just for the office staff, or are family members welcome? Many catering companies have minimum and maximum food plate limits, as they need to cater to many events in a day. Make sure you find a catering service in Brisbane that can provide all the food and cutlery you need. 

Stick to Your Budget

Finally, you have to consider the all-important money aspect. Most likely, you have a working budget that’s given to you by your superiors, and you have no choice but to work with it. Whether you have a limited budget or a big spending limit, you must plan your expenses wisely because you will have to account for this later. 

On the other hand, if you’re spending your personal money, it is paramount that you must budget more discriminately. Make sure to read the menu and price list. Do your calculations. For any order you can’t purchase because it is over budget, you can try asking office volunteers to make it at home for a cheaper version. What is important is you look for catering services that suit your budget but still make good food.


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