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If you are a marketing or sales executive, one of the goals that is probably at the top of your business checklist is turning your website into a powerful lead generator. While creating an effective lead generating machine is extremely important, the process is not as easy as simply including a “click here” button on your website’s home page. To create a website that consistently converts visitors into leads, marketing and sales executives must take a more strategic approach. Here are some proven ways to optimize your website for successful lead generation.

Market To A Niche Market

Despite popular belief, marketing your products and services to everybody is not the best way drive conversions. When you pitch your offerings to the general public, you are not taking into account that every prospect that visits your website has different motives, preferences, and drives.

The most effective way to increase your conversion rate is to customise your website to appeal to your niche market. The more specialized you can make your website, the higher the conversions should be.

Provide Interesting Educational Content

One of the biggest ways to build an effective lead generation website is to incorporate educational content on your site. As a general rule, 80 percent of content on your website should be educational while the remaining 20 percent should be promotional. If you would like to include educational content to your website pages, consider adding an interesting video. A compelling video has been shown to generate many leads from your website. Regardless of the type of educational content that you choose to place on your website, you should experience higher conversions and lower bounce rates over time.

Instill Trust Among Visitors

There are many ways to instill trust among the prospects that visit your website. If you want to increase the number of conversions on your website, consider publishing an eye-catching sales headline, compelling sales copy, and/or a high-resolution image that resonates and addresses the needs of the visitor’s current experience. When you communicate your exact intentions in this matter, your visitors should have enough trust in your business to convert.

Include A Call To Action

The importance of placing a call to action or CTA on your website cannot be underestimated. When implemented correctly, CTAs should drive prospects toward goal conversion. For the best results, place CTAs throughout your entire website in different stages of the buying cycle. In addition, CTAs can be implemented in sidebars, banners, and at the end of blog posts.

The style of CTAs that you choose to implement are just as important as the placement. According to much research, personalised CTAs have been shown to convert 42 percent more prospects than basic CTAs. That’s why the best CTAs are personalised with contrasting colors.

Create A Lead Generating Machine Today!

The primary goal of any website is to convert prospects into interested leads who will eventually become consumers of your products and services. These innovative tactics for turning your website into an effective lead generating machine should help you accomplish this goal.

If you want to turn your website into a lead generating machine, call Lead Express today on 1300 532 339 or email us at leads@leadexpress.com.au.

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