There has been much written about CBD oil, and a great deal of controversy too, so what’s all the fuss about? Originally discovered in the 1940’s, CBD oil has been found to have certain medicinal benefits, among others, and in the past few years has been among the most talked-about substances.

The controversy comes about because CBD – which stands for cannabidiol – is an extract of the cannabis plant. In fact, it is one of around 100 substances that can be found within the plant, and it is perfectly safe to use. CBD oil does not, contrary to what some may believe, get you ‘high’. This psychoactive effect of cannabis comes about thanks to THC, another substance in the plant, which is not present in CBD oil.

There are also some misapprehensions about the legality of CBD oil. As long as it is made from ‘industrial hemp’ or from hemp that has been imported from Europe, CBD is legal in most US states.

What is CBD oil used for? It has been found to be a major benefit in pain management, can help reduce stress and anxiety, is also helpful for those who suffer from depression and can also be used to combat skin conditions such as eczema and acne. It is found in cream form, can be taken as capsules, can be eaten as sweets and can also be taken as a vape oil.

So, what about CBD for people who have trouble sleeping?

How CBD Oil Helps You Sleep

Before we go into detail, it’s worth being aware that as it has only recently come onto the market, research into the effects, benefits and possible uses of CBD oil are still ongoing. When it comes to helping with sleep, it is a very interesting substance.

Natural remedies are very often the chosen form of help for sleep problems, and CBD oil is entirely natural. But, does it really help you sleep? First, we’ve already mentioned that it is THC in cannabis that induces the extremely relaxed high, and that this is not present in CBD oil. Yet, it has been shown that CBD oil does indeed aid sleep and you can read more about that at

The confusing aspect of this area of research is that CBD oil can actually work in the opposite way – it can be known as a ‘wake inducing agent’ – yet, it also helps with many conditions that may be preventing you from getting a good night’s sleep, these including:

– Anxiety – being anxious can stop you getting to sleep and does not help with relaxation. CBD oil helps in this area.

– Pain – CBD oil is a proven aid to pain management, and many people with chronic pain problems find sleeping very difficult.

– Poor sleep patterns – as busy people, we often have very poor sleep patterns; CBD oil, as a wake-inducing agent, can help us be more ‘awake’ during this part of the cycle, and more ready to sleep when the time comes.

Scientific research into CBD oil and the benefits for sleeping are, as we said earlier, ongoing, yet in a recent survey of 2400 users of medical cannabis, 60% of them said they use CBD oil to help them sleep.

So, to sum up, many people use CBD oil successfully to help them get a good night’s sleep, and it would seem that combating insomnia is just another of this very useful substances abilities. Check out CBD oil now and see how it can help you, or talk to your doctor.

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