They say that beauty knows no boundaries, in the case of Latvian model Ilvy Kokomo, that saying couldn’t be further from the truth.

Eastern Europe has churned out eye-catching models for decades, yet very few countries don’t get as much love in the modeling world such as the Baltic country of Latvia. I will also confess in that I didn’t know a whole lot about Latvia, nor its history.

When I first interviewed Ilvy back in January, I have to say that I was very impressed, but most of all, her professionalism and pleasant personality stood out. So naturally, she was my first choice for INSCMagazine’s first-ever cover model. As our brand continues to grow, our main objective is to feature the most beautiful and talented up-and-coming models, actors and actresses.

I truly believe that she is only in the beginning of what will be a very promising journey in the world of modeling. Below is my follow-up conversation with Ms. Kokomo as we caught up about how she has spent her summer so far, her world-hoping travels and her plans of seeing a certain countryman at ‘The World’s Most Famous Arena’ this coming fall at Madison Square Garden.

(Photographer: Level Photo)
(Photographer: Level Photo)

R.C. Congratulations on being INSCMagazine’s first-ever cover girl? How do you feel?

I.K. “I feel amazing! Thank you so much for this opportunity, it’s a big honor for me!”

R.C. How have you been spending your summer so far?
I.K. “I took some time off from modeling to spend time at home – in Latvia. Summer here is really nice. I’ve been relaxing, hanging out with my friends, working out, visiting some festivals, hiking in woods, sunbathing by the beach, shooting a little bit. I’m back at work next week.”
R.C. What are some of the new and exciting modeling projects and shoots that you have been doing since we last spoke?
I.K. “I did an amazing photoshoot in New York on a very high building with a view overlooking Manhattan and the Empire State Building. I also had some great photoshoots in the UK, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Spain, Norway. I also did some crazy photoshoots and advertisement filming for bungee jumping in Latvia – I had to do several bungee jumps, it was awesome!”
R.C. With fall coming soon, any plans to come to New York and see your fellow countryman in New York Knicks forward Kristap Porzingis at MSG?
I.K. “Definitely! I will be in New York in October, and I must see one of his games!”
R.C. What are some your plans for the rest of summer? Traveling, modeling, hanging out?
I.K. “I will start modeling next week again – France, Italy, again France and again France! And actually a little vacation in Italy as well.”
Special thanks to Ms. Ilvy Kokomo for her time during the interview. Images courtesy of Instagram and are the respective property of their owners, used with permission. Follow Ilvy on Instagram at @ilvykokomo

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