By Amelie Lawrence

Mobile crane trucks are widely used in industrial areas for lifting and transporting goods and materials from one place to another and thus an essential part of such undertakings.

With the use of such heavy machinery in construction areas, it is also vital to follow certain safety considerations while operating it. Accidents such as overturning of cranes or displacement of the lifted load are a common sight which further leads to bodily injuries or damage to the property.

The wheels of such a crane truck are one of the most important components that play a major role in the operation of a truck and thus should be maintained regularly. The common mishaps can be avoided by maintaining all the components as well as by following some precautions and tips.

Tips for Safely Operating a Crane Truck

Some common tips and precautions that should be considered for an overall maintenance and proper working of a crane truck include the following:

1. Position of crane

It is important that the site is leveled properly to ensure the optimal position of the crane truck. A level and smooth ground would ensure that the truck is sturdy and balanced to accommodate the outriggers of the vehicle. The person operating the truck should also get an unrestricted and clear view of the entire process of loading and unloading.

2. Balanced Load

Ensure that the load attached to the sling matches the capacity of the crane truck. If the slings are not adequate enough to lift the weight of the load, it can lead to imbalance of the truck thereby increasing the chance of a fatal accident. Make sure that the load is optimal to the truck’s capacity and the slings must be in an undamaged condition.

3. Optimal Tires

Tires are an important component of a crane truck that not only play the role of mobility of the truck but also ensure its balance and stabilization. Thus, special attention should be given to the tires during operation of truck such as:

· Before lifting weights on a crane, ensure inflation of the tires and in optimal condition. Check for any wear and tear, cracks, and corrosion, especially in older wheels. Cranes that are employed in extreme conditions are more susceptible to wear and tear and thus should be examined to ensure safe performance.

· While using the crane truck, make sure not to lift the wheels off the ground with the outriggers as it may lead to misbalance and an accident.

· Low pressure in tires may affect the stability of the vehicle. Thus, ensure that the air pressure of the tires is at the correct levels, i.e. neither underinflated nor overinflated.

· If a crane is exposed to excessive heat, it may cause the tires to be charred or burned. Thus, ensure that the tires are not overheated. You can inspect such a situation by checking for blistering, charring, or melting of the labels, brake drum, and high temperature nylon spacer. Discoloration of the wheels is another sign of excessive heat damage.

· Make sure that the crane wheels are tough enough to lift the weight of the vehicle and the load attached to its slings.

The hardness of the raw material used for the wheels and the heat-treating techniques used for enhancing the hardness of the metal influence the strength of the wheel. Medium-carbon steel is a common and recommended material for a crane truck wheel.

These are some of the safety considerations that should be followed before using a crane truck to ensure optimal working of the vehicle and the safety of the workers involved in the process. Thus, make sure to use quality components, especially well-maintained tires, for such crane trucks in industrial and constructional industries.

Favorable components of a crane that are suitable for the working conditions ensure efficient and effective working.

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