Indianapolis Colts running back Marlon Mack
Marlon Mack - Running Back, Indianapolis Colts

Who knows what to expect out of the Indianapolis Colts this season. After two straight years of .500 football, they’ve failed to make the playoffs in each. While many will put this on the shoulders of Andrew Luck, it’s their 23rd ranked rushing attack that needs serious help. Marlon Mack is ready to take on a big role for the team. Can he take over the starting role, and lead the Colts to glory?

It’s hard to put the weight of a team on a rookie. I’m not saying the Indianapolis Colts are in that position, however, you can’t expect Luck to do everything for them

The running game needs to improve. Frank Gore, who was serviceable in 2016, is near the end of his career. Could this mean Marlon Mack is on the fast track to a prominent role on the team? If so, can he make a difference?

Mack, a junior out of South Florida, will be a player the Colts are counting on to share reps with Gore as soon as this season. While nobody would expect an Ezekiel Elliot type season from Mack, he’s definitely on the radar of many NFL teams.

One of the more established running backs in college, Marlon Mack ran for 1,000 yards in three consecutive seasons. He’s got a second gear to him. Six of Mack’s fifteen touchdowns went for 43 or more yards. At least for this season, he will provide a nice change of pace to Gore.

It’s going to take time for Mack to take on the alpha dog role in Indy. He’s been prone to fumbles during his time at South Florida. Mack also doesn’t run through contact. These traits are some he’ll need to fix quickly if he’s to have any shot at a starting job.

While many in Indianapolis are hoping for big things from Mack, he’s only a 4th round pick. The Colts don’t have as much invested in him as other teams do their young running backs. If he doesn’t pan out the Colts will have no issue investing in an RB with a higher pedigree.

Frank Gore is reaching the tail end of his career. As it stands now, Marlon Mack will be the full-time starter when he’s gone. Although, that’s all dependent on what Mack shows for the Colts this season. And if the Indianapolis Colts hope to have to any chance at solidifying their running game, he’s going to need to step up big time.

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