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INSCMagazine: INSC Acquires TruLuv/TruLyfestyle, Set To Move To NESN

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CLEVELAND, OH (July, 4 2016) – Cleveland-based online digital lifestyle magazine INSCMagazine, acquired sports and lifestyle blog, TruLuv/TruLyfestyle in a move to expand content coverage and maximization of its growing brand.

Founded in 2012, INSCMagazine has gradually grown into one of the top up-and-coming online digital magazines today in covering sports, lifestyle, culture, entertainment and politics.

INSCMagazine’s acquisition of TruLuv raises the active number of INSC writers to 69, excluding guest bloggers and contributors, which makes the total number of active INSC writers to 97.

In a statement regarding TruLuv’s acquisition by INSCMagazine, newly-appointed Senior Writer, Mark T. Wilson stated his thoughts on the acquisition and what makes it so exciting,

“Moving over from Truluv/Trulyfestyle, while hard was the best decision for my staff and I. I pride myself with giving my guys the best opportunity to achieve their goals as writers and I saw INSCMagazine as the best platform to do so.

The sports journalist business is tough, but what I have learned is that when you have motivated people surrounding you, what was once a grind now becomes fun. My team and I are excited for what the future holds for us, now that we have found a home.”

When asked about drew him to INSC, and his decision to dissolve the TruLuv brand, Wilson commented,

“For those not in the know, the sports community is large, but for us independent sites the world is a bit smaller. I started out at Rant Sports the same time Robert Cobb was employed there. Although our paths never crossed, we each took a valuable lesson with us that Robert has instilled in his company.

I decided to dissolve the Tru brand because I wanted more, not just for myself but for the guys that stuck with me from the beginning. Robert and I have mutual respect for each other as we have shared, commented and supported each other’s businesses over the last 2 years. Reaching out to INSCMagazine was an easy choice when looking for a new home.”

When asked about his hopes and dreams about being part of INSC, Wilson added,

“My hopes for the future of the company is to take it to another level of journalism. I know that may sound cliché but 70% of the sites out here report the same things. I always wanted to stand out and everyone at Inscriber has encouraged us to be who we are.

Inscriber has opened their doors to us and I am not is the business of letting friends down. To be honest, I am thinking beyond ESPN, Bleacher Report and others, I want us to be the blueprint for up and coming sites. That’s our goal.”

Chief Operating Officer and Senior Partner, Nick A. Ficorelli II added his own thoughts on the TruLuv acquisition,

“I have known Mark Wilson for years and have followed his work at Tru Luv. He and his team and extremely hard-working and dedicated, and the final product was always top-notch. To have him and his team in the fold is amazing, and we are extremely happy to have them aboard. Great things are here and to come.”

Founder, Publisher and CEO, Robert D. Cobb added that this is a big move in taking INSCMagazine to the next level in stating,

“As someone who has known Mark and his work for two years, adding his group of talented writers to INSC is a major coup, as it enables both parties to grow and take things to the next level. I couldn’t be happier in landing Mark and his team, as our goals and objectives are the same in being the best”

In another move, INSCMagazine, a member of the Bloguin blog network, will be migrating to the New England Sports Network (NESN) media network on July 14th.

Founded in 1984 and owned by the Fenway Sports group and Delaware North, the Watertown, Massachusetts-based NESN is one of the country’s first regional networks which has grown into one of the largest cable and media outlets in the country that covers the Boston Celtics, New England Patriots, Boston Red Sox and Boston Bruins, has a total viewership of four million.

In regards to INSC being a part of a network such as NESN, Cobb commented,

“This is a major coup! As someone in the media, joining a brand such as NESN is jaw-dropping as the New England area boasts some of the most knowledgeable, passionate and engaged fan bases in the world. Boston is a world-class city with—in my opinion—the best fans in sports, and gaining this type of platform within a four-year span is simply awe-inspiring. I am truly humbled and even more determined to make INSC even better.”

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