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InstaFame Game with Char Borely

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Char Borley is a model of Insta-Fame. With over 429k followers, a blonde fit bombshell is someone in social media that knows her way around and is worth taking note of. She is an Instagram influencer and a model, but she’s also an entrepreneur, a social media know-how guru, and a traveler. Char, based in the UK, has been able to travel all over the world for both pleasure and work. This has included Rome, Miami, Cancun, and Turkey. Oh, and it may be surprising to some, but she is also a mother.

In fact, it was her teenage daughter who got her onto Instagram in the first place. Her daughter thought Char would enjoy it, and she was right – but even beyond what either of them expected. Char says she initially didn’t expect anything of Instagram, and simply shared random photos of herself, for fun. But with Instagram, if you know how to market, know your brand, and are beautiful, a following will surely quickly build up. With a large following, brands started to follow and it’s grown from there, making her a model of InstaFame.


Char Borley’s success as a model is largely because of the way she looks, but that doesn’t mean that she hasn’t worked at it. Char, who is in her mid-30’s, has spent years working out in the gym, honing her entire body. Char knows that it takes effort to look fit and strong – you have to be fit and strong. The result? A healthy, enviable fit body as a middle-aged mother. Because of her hard work in the gym, she has been able to be a sponsored athlete and fitness model champion, receiving invites to IFBB Diamond Cup.


Char may be a model, but she keeps herself and her feed real. Her captions are friendly, encouraging, and simply very ordinary – but in a relatable way. She shares photos of her and her pups, of herself at the gym, and looking almost-accidentally poised. But she even will share photos of her looking silly and not “camera ready.” All of it is part of her appeal, and what makes her so desirable for brands to partner with her. Being a model and a social media influencer of course comes with its dangers, too, as Char has had to deal with her host of stalkers. However, Char continues to move forward and paves the way for new opportunities within Instagram and as a model.


This includes working with a host of brands and products. Char has worked with brands such as The Ouai, Drunk Elephant, and Primark, along with others. One thing about Char as a brand ambassador? She does it naturally. Some of her posts showcase products, but not in a flashy, overstated way. No, instead, Char promotes brands that she cares about and even uses. She isn’t just a model – she looks and feels like a friend or someone who can be trusted. Which makes Char appealing to both brands, and to her followers.

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