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Jarome Iginla: After Mass Confusion, Joins Penguins

After massive amounts of craziness it seems Jarome Iginla wasn’t traded to the Boston Bruins after all, instead he is a member of the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Many sources confirmed that Iginla was shipped up to Boston, but now it is being reported he is headed to Pittsburgh. The Flames in exchange will receive Kenneth Agostino, Ben Hanowski, and a first round pick.

It’s seems as if Flames GM Jay Fester has made two bad trades in one day, as neither this or the rumored one with Boston are any good. Hanowski and Agostino are not players expected to turn anyone’s head in the NHL. This trade has to make the Penguins the odds on favorite to win the Stanley Cup.

Iginla is already on a star studded team and the pressure to do everything himself has been lifted. Taking passes from Evgeni Malkin, when healthy, or even Brandon Sutter has to make Pens fans salivate. So, what was said about the Bruins centers applies even more here.

It looked like Boston was going to keep pace with the Penguins, but now this trade just put the Penguins way above everyone else in the Eastern Conference. No team is going to look forward to taking on the Penguins in the playoffs.

It’s been a wild and crazy couple of hours across the NHL hopefully this is the last time Jarome Iginla is traded tonight.

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