Remember when teams were scared off by former Wyoming Cowboys QB Josh Allen and his inaccuracy issues and lack of NFL touch.

Clearly, the Buffalo Bills rookie QB made new believers out of the Minnesota Vikings in a 27-6 upset.

Allen, who was often chastised and mocked for his lack of NFL-type opponents during his time in Laramie, continued to impress and prove those naysayers wrong in completing 15-22 passes for 196 yards and two total touchdowns.

For the season, the 6’5, 237-pound Allen–selected seventh overall in the 2018 NFL Draft–has thrown for 515 yards and two touchdowns in his first three games.

Going into his second NFL start with the Bills, Buffalo was a 17-point underdog against a team that many pundits picked to win the NFC, thanks in large part to the Vikings singing former Washington Redskins QB Kirk Cousins to a fully-guaranteed four-year $84 million contract.

Thanks to Allen, Minnesota may want their money back as Cousins looked rather mediocre and pedestrian despite filling the stat line in going 40-55 for 296 yards with one touchdown and one pick during garbage time.

At 1-2, the Bills may not be ready to quite challenge the New England Patriots for divisional supremacy yet, but thanks to Allen channeling his inner Superman and showing that he can leap opposing linebackers in a single bound, at least Buffalo are more relevant.

The Vikings are still a Thanos-like formidable team that will be hard to beat come December, and Buffalo is slowly rebuilding under now second-year head coach in Sean McDermott, but on this Sunday, the QB that many didn’t want or simply disregarded in Allen took both Cousins and the mighty Minnesota defense to–pardon the pun–skool.

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