Travelling overseas is probably a standard item on most people’s bucket lists. Most countries, like the United States, require a travel visa for tourists or foreigners before they may enter the country. Getting a visa can be complicated and may take a few months before it gets approved. But we are here to help you out.

The following are key steps on getting your first visa for finding a H1B Visa lawyer near me in Nashville for American or International Travel.

What Is A Visa?

A travel visa is an essential document that indicates that you are allowed to enter or visit a particular country for a specific amount of time. Also, a visa will show what exactly you are able to do in a foreign country (study, visit or work). The US government requires tourists and visitors from different countries to obtain a visa before entering the United States of America.

Many countries demand visas, and some do not. Also, additional visas are required depending on your length of stay in a certain country.

How Can I Acquire A Visa?

The application process for a visa requires a lot of documents and a series of interviews. Foreign nationals who want to claim a U.S. visa must submit forms, attend interviews and submit oneself to a system of cross-checking data in a database between different agencies.

Generally, the process for visa application takes a few weeks or longer. It all depends on a few factors (intricacy of application, volume, home country, etc.)

The following key steps will guide you in getting your first visa for America or International travel. Meanwhile, you may check the U.S. Department of State’s section on visas for further information.

  1. Set An Appointment With Your Local U.S. Consulate Or Embassy

The first thing you must do if you wish to travel to the U.S. is to check with your local Consulate or Embassy. You have to set an appointment through the telephone, via mail, via email or in person. However, you must prepare yourself for a long queue, even when you get an appointment.

Nowadays, visa application forms are available online. You can prepare your documents by filling out online visa application forms, then printing and mailing them in. You may also hand deliver them to the local Embassy or Consulate once you get an appointment.

  1. Inquire About Any Necessary Fees And Payment Options

Generally, applicants pay visa application fees before the primary appointment. You must also know that the costs are non-refundable. Thus, make sure that you have made a firm decision before paying these application fees.

  1. Prepare Your Documents

Make sure you have the necessary documents:

● Valid passport

● Appropriate application forms

● Employment certificates

● Financial status

● Reasons for travel

● Proof of transaction or payment for visa application

● Further forms or information required by the consular officer

  1. Submit Your Application

You will also need to submit supporting documents and your passport in addition to the visa application. The consular officer and perhaps the officials from Washington, D.C. will assess your documents.

  1. Necessary Additional Reviews

Your information will also be evaluated and assessed with an international security database. A close distinction of your name that raises red flags will be considered a security concern. Thus, your visa application will be delayed further, for anywhere from four to six weeks, or indefinitely.

Additional reviews or assessments may include further interviews, requests for additional information, and your fingerprints.

  1. Further Steps Upon Arrival At The Border Or Port-Of-Entry

The airport where you land in the U.S. is typically the border or port-of-entry. Before boarding, or departing the plane, you must accomplish an arrival/departure form. Once you disembark, you must follow the directions for non-citizen entry. This process incorporates verification of paperwork by a U.S. official and a brief interview. Most importantly, you will surrender your luggage for inspection by the U.S. Customs officials.

  1. Planning To Extend Your Stay?

If you wish to extend the life of your visa under certain situations, you must file the Form I-539 or Application to Extend/Change Nonimmigrant Status. But, be aware that you may only apply for an extension within 45 days of your nonimmigrant visa expiration date. There is also a list of qualifications you must secure to extend your stay.

Contact An Attorney To Help You In Your Visa Application Process

You may consult with an attorney if you need help in your esta for USA Visa application process, or whether you need to extend your stay in the United States. An immigration attorney can help answer your inquiries on getting your first visa for international travel.

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