Kyle Shanahan

Jacksonville was a team that everyone expected some serious improvement from after this last offseason. Their draft picks and free agent moves had many people thinking that this team could go from being the laughing stock of the AFC South to real contenders to actually win it. You quickly learned that would not be the case after putting up another terrible 3-13 season. This is a situation where coaching was the obvious issue after seeing the Jags basically give up in the second half of games. Gus Bradley simply could not find the ways to keep his team motivated and play as a unit. The question is, now that Bradley is gone, who will take over and help lead the Jaguars to a possible AFC South title and playoff appearance? Kyle Shanahan should be that guy!

There are several coaches that Jacksonville is looking at possibly hiring and we know that Kyle Shanahan and Josh McDaniels are being interviewed over the next two days. Kyle Shanahan is an outstanding candidate and should be the frontrunner for the job when looking at what he has done during his time at Atlanta. He could really help get Blake Bortles on track and improve their god awful offense. The positional group that needs to be improved the most, is Jacksonville’s offensive line. They have outstanding young talent all over the field but must improve their offensive line and develop a running game if they are going to become a winning team. That is something that whichever coach they decide to hire will have to make priority number one.


Kyle Shanahan would be a great fit for Jacksonville and has proven that he can get the most out of the players he has. Of course, he has Julio Jones, who is arguably the best receiver in the NFL. But, he has taken a good quarterback and has him playing at an MVP level. Shanahan knows how to make the pieces he has work which can lead to wins. Which Jacksonville fans have seen too many of lately. Atlanta has the 2nd ranked overall offense that is 3rd in passing yards per game and 5th in rushing. This offense is clicking and Matt Ryan has even said Shanahan will do a great job (as a head coach), is a good talent evaluator, and knows how to find guys he wants to make it work. This is something Jacksonville desperately needs to help them get the most out of Blake Bortles and others.

Kyle Shanahan is a young coach who could give their offense a much-needed spark. The team is loaded with young talent and if they can improve their poor offensive line and their rushing attack, they can become a serious threat to win the AFC South. It all comes down to what he can get out of Bortles and whether or not he actually is a franchise quarterback. An offensive minded coach, like Shanahan, would be the way to go though if the Jaguars want to contend for the AFC South.


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