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Merino Knitwear: The Fashion Article You’ll Love The Most This Winter


January 6, 2017

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With the cold season well upon us already, lots of people are getting caught up in the debate if you can be both stylish and warm at the same time. While many women still make fashion sacrifices and were bulky, ugly and only functional clothing, we think that there is a piece which is both beautiful and useful this time of year – merino knitwear sweaters.

And we’re not really innovating with this opinion, either – just following the trends set by famous fashion magazines likes Vogue, GQ or Glamour.

First of all, we have to specify what merino wool actually is, for the connoisseurs. Merino sheep are a special breed which is grown especially for their wool, which is finely crimped and very soft. This makes it a prime candidate for making knitwear items out of it because lots of women complained that knitwear sweaters tend to be rather harsh on the skin. Merino knitwear sweaters are quite the opposite, very soft and comfortable, as well as warm.

What can you want more from a winter piece?

The good news is that you don’t have to make style sacrifices in order to keep yourself warm. These sweaters come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and styles – from classic, simple and monochromatic to textured and patterned pieces. Here are just a couple of sweaters you can think about: 

Turtleneck. Winter is definitely the best time to be wearing turtleneck sweaters. They’re not only stylish but also keep very warm while eliminating the need for a scarf.

Classic. V-neck or classic, upgrade your normal cotton sweaters to merino knitwear sweaters, for more warmth, comfort and a more durable piece of clothing, which you can wear year after year.

Textured. For classic winter looks, look for merino wool sweaters which were knitted more roughly, with clear textures and thicker strains of wool. The warmth they generate is also great!

Cardigans. If you don’t fancy classic sweaters, you can opt for cardigans made of merino wool. There’s nothing which screams classic and stylish more than a button-up cardigan – why not make in comfortable as well?

Patterned. There’s a time of the year when you can wear bold prints and patterns, like Fair Isle, Christmas patterns or bright colors. Take advantage of this and buy your merino knitwear sweater in a pattern you wouldn’t normally wear, and pair it with classic shirts and bottoms. 

Without a doubt, merino knitwear sweaters are an integral part of this winter’s fashion trends. There’s really no going around it, and if you really think about it, why would you? This trend is also functional as well as stylish, warm and easy to purchase. And due to the great quality of merino wool, your sweater will last for years and years – no need to replace it next season with the next trend. 

That being said, if you haven’t already done so, go buy your merino knitwear sweater as soon as possible, for a trendy and stylish winter look. You’ll be able to wear it all the way until February, and then carefully store it for next winter, when you’ll be very glad to find it again.

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