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La Femme: Is Becky Hammon The Successor To Greg Popovich?

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The decision for Greg Popovich to hire Becky Hammon as an assistant coach was widely praised by the San Antonio team and community.

The idea that women can’t coach men is preposterous, because when you have an eye for basketball, gender doesn’t make a difference.

The results have been good so far. The team has been winning, and there hasn’t been any reported instance of any San Antonio players or personnel undermining Hammon. However, that could be attributed to the organization itself, as Popovich runs a tight ship, and negative behavior towards one of his assistants, male or female, won’t be tolerated.

If Hammon is going to earn an NBA head coaching job it’s likely  going to be with San Antonio. The Spurs are one of the more classy run team’s in the league, and that will stand true once Popovich hangs up his clipboard.

She has earned the respect of her players, and the San Antonio front office, which makes all the difference.

The San Antonio franchise looks to find the best talent possible. For a team that prides itself on finding the best basketball players from around the globe, there could be a lot Hammon could teach a potential prospect.

She has played on the world stage numerous times leading Russia in the 2008 and 2012 Olympics, which could bode well for the team’s international flavor.

Only Popovich knows when he will give up the reigns, and it’s likely he will hand over the coaching duties to someone on his staff. Coach Pop had the following to say regarding the future of Hammon when speaking to The Racine Journal-Times.

“I don’t think about expectations or where anybody is going to go…..So I’m not going to try and figure out what’s going to happen to happen to somebody else in their life. I mean all of us have taken different turns. We’re going this way and suddenly we’re going that way . It’ll be the same for her. Who knows? Maybe she’ll become a doctor. I don’t know.”

It’s not unlike Popovich to dance around the question with a dash of humor, and he doesn’t give too much insight into his future plans for Hammon. Although, what’s the harm in letting her get coaching experience. Maybe during the Spurs Summer League games?

It’s going to be hard for Hammon to earn the respect of the multi-million dollar male athlete, but she certainly has the basketball knowledge to make it work, and Popovich is going to make sure of that.

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