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LGBT : How A British Transgender Model Can Open Our Eyes In America

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Greetings from London, America!

So from a late night room in a cold winter (slowly showing signs of spring ) night I’m introducing myself to you all!

My name is Chloe-Amelia Lapper, and I am a 24-year-old transgender model here in the UK and love it.  I have been seen all around the globe over the past ‘crazy’ eight months from Australian chat shows to The Daily Mail here in London and even a few magazines in the States.

My story is that I was once a male model. I felt uncomfortable in myself and had to change this. I had built a very good fan base and contacts list and when I started my transition was being asked to model as a trans woman. With the likes of Andrej Pejic walking the runways as an ‘androgynous’ model, I thought I might be a laughing-stock. It turned out to be the opposite actually, as I managed to get shot in many different platforms not so much catwalk anymore however on TV and magazines.

With a background in fashion, PR and modelling I am taking the world by two firm hands and saying ‘ I’m here to stay! I’m here to be happy! And I’m here to show others there is a light.

The modelling world is based around beauty, sex and ‘the norm’ I am branching off from that it’s 2014 after all! Explained by The Daily Mail “Chloe is truly an inspiration as she really wants to open people’s eyes.”

It’s true I feel this world brings us good and bad no matter who you are, yet it still is how you carry yourself to how that world is for you personally.

I could read bad comments on websites I could google my name and see why people think I should have stayed a man however be very depressed in this sense. But I just wouldn’t have it.

Being transgender is a mental condition, like it or not it’s all in the mind to a certain extent. I think we need to educate, tell one person who is against it that it’s fine to feel that way. Do not snap at them, but educate them. Say “I accept your opinion after all that’s your opinion” nine times out of ten that person would respect you more than before they knew who you were.

Here you’ll find me gracing the LGBT section of this glorious magazine/blog in search of your questions. People’s confusion over the dreaded ‘T’ word. Some people are genuinely in the dark over it all and really should speak up and ask me.

I am looking at showing examples of ways in which other people in the LGBT community can maybe acknowledge people’s opinions and educate the ones around you.

You’ll usually find me at Twitter: @chloe24grace. Come say hi! I will be doing an article every Saturday here at The Inscriber : Digital Magazine, so please let me know what you want to ask.


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