If you had a choice between grabbing a chocolicious brownie and losing 10 pounds, what would you opt for? Whether you choose either option, the question is, is it going to make you feel fresh and fit?

We know losing weight and maintaining it can be troublesome on daily basis. If you have tried all the famous tips, diets and workouts, and if nothing is working out for you, check out these wackiest tricks which can actually rock your boat in miraculous ways, turning you into the ideal role model!

Trick 1: Increase your Water Intake

Believe it or not, staying hydrated can actually help us lose weight like money! Drinking water not only keeps us fresh but also helps maintain the ideal PH balance inside our body. Another benefit of drinking extra water suggests that it helps flush out toxins at a higher level.
Most importantly, if you drink up to 2 glasses of water before every meal, you can feel less hungry and ultimately eat less, and lose more!

Trick 2: Go Blue

You might feel silly but this is a tried and tested trick! Blue apparently suppresses the appetite; eventually helping you shed weight easily. Wondering why most cafes and restaurants are not painted blue? Now you know.
The trick is to switch to crockery, curtains, dining sheets and clothes, all in the shades of blue.

Trick 3: Apple Cider it!

Apple cider is more than just a salad dressing and the reasons are totally amazing. Apple cider vinegar is not only a natural antioxidant but also a fat burner. If you drink a glass of water with 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar mixed in it, two times a day, you are surely going to lose weight effortlessly.
Apple cider vinegar is also a great choice if drunk post dinner or right before meals.

Trick 4: Sniffing Food!

While this trick might give you the creeps, nonetheless, sniffing food before eating it can actually make you feel less hungry. The less hungry you are, the lesser you will eat! See how it works! Hence, the ideal procedure is to smell or sniff your food before you want to eat it and you will be not as tempted.

Secondly, research shows that when you are hungry, even if you only smell food like fruits, chocolates, meat, etc, you can curb your hunger pangs for as long as 2 hours!

Trick 5: Tie the Culprit!

Culprit..? Who else other than our stomach! A fitness expert suggests that wearing or tying a ribbon around the waist can actually help maintain your figure. Most French women used to tie a ribbon underneath their clothes prior to going out for dinner as a figure sustaining trick. How? When and if the ribbon felt tighter around the waist, they would stop eating.
This trick not only makes you conscious but also helps you maintain your posture, meal servings, etc.

Trick 6: Big Chunks are better!

While we have always heard that we should take in smaller bites and control our proportions, the sixth trick suggests we eat bigger chunks! Larger fruit chunks or veggies in the salad can actually help you eat less, chew more. By chewing more, you can boost your digestive process and feel full earlier.

Trick 7: Ditch the Electronics

We have not only evolved with time but unconsciously become slaves to technology. Most of us eat meals while watching TV serials, dramas, movies or when simply going through our phones. Ditch this practice. The electronics not only distract us but undoubtedly make us eat more than we should.

Follow these wacky tips and shed weight like never before!

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