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By Harshith Joseph Involving yourself in physical activities is one of the most efficient ways of getting your health in place and transforming the way you live. While this has been proven time and again, there’s no excuse to find an easier option, but to take that step and enjoy its numerous health benefits. Regardless of your age, you are sure to see the fruit of your effort; rather, fruits. Find your motivation and know that even 30 minutes for 5 days in a week can do wonders. Here are 5 ways you will inevitably see the results of exercising in our life. 1.) Weight Control: As you burn calories when you engage in exercise, you will stop gaining excess weight and shed the remaining fat off your body. If the lack of time is your concern, you can consider many other options that require physical activity in your routine; use the stairs, cycle, walk, etc. The more you workout, the more calories you burn. It makes you feel better and more confident. Keeping fit is the primary reason of exercise, give it no reason for second thought. 2.) Fights Health Conditions: Regularly exercising is the key to fighting off a wide range of diseases and health issues. Heart disease, diabetes, good cholesterol level, depression, cancer, and many other ailments, are all dealt with. All you need is a regular exercise routine and stick to it; walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, lifting weights are all sure to help you win your fight, even before you face it. 3.) Major Mood Booster: Have you ever experienced that joy and excitement after a quick race or a football game? The act of accomplishing something makes you feel satisfied and confident. In the process of physical activity, the brain stimulates certain chemicals that make you feel relaxed and happier than usual. Even during pregnancy, this is sure way to drop the worries about your weight loss and cherish the wait of your little one. Loving how you look, as you see the impact of your effort makes every drop of sweat worth it. 4.) Births Love: Our actions are always the reflection of our state of mind. Keeping fit does way more good to you than just weight loss. While you feel happy, confident and relaxed, you subconsciously start caring more for the people around you with genuine love. This will show in your relationship with the people in your life. Random acts of kindness, some love quotes, a sacrifice, will all give you joy. What happiness can do is immense, the love that overflows through it is great. 5.) Longer Life: Research proved that people who exercise regularly live a longer life than those who don’t. The impact of fitness on your life is immense, just by it, you can increase the quality and quantity of your life. Keeping up the good metabolism rate and remaining fit and very important to help your body do better. Just like a bike lasts longer with proper servicing and maintenance, your body needs its fix on a regular basis.  

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