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Lifestyle: Perfect Ways to Introduce Her to the Hunt


December 17, 2016

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By Carol Trehearn

It’s no surprise that many women do not look forward to the time of year when their husbands or boyfriends disappear into the woods only to return a week or two later with a beard and hopefully some meat to fill the freezer. Women haven’t always been included on these outings and may view hunting trips as “man time” more than anything else.

Unfortunately, what many women don’t realize is how excited their man would be to bring them along if they were only to express an interest in it. If your wife or girlfriend has ever mentioned tagging along or asked about the thrill of the hunt, she might be willing to try it out for herself if you make the offer.

Start Small

If she isn’t keen on spending time outdoors, she may shoot the idea down rather quickly. But be patient and offer to take her out on a day trip or a drive just to test the waters. If you’re willing to show her your passion for the sport, then she might be willing enough to try it out for herself before turning it down. Starting small is a great way to get a feel for where she stands and to give you a better idea of what type of hunting she would prefer.

Show, Don’t Tell

Let your wife or girlfriend have the freedom to explore the world of hunting at her own pace. Take her to an outdoor recreation retailer, like your local Cabela’s, and step back as she finds what suits her taste. You might have a mighty mule deer hunter on your hands who’s a better shot than you, or you might find she’s interested in archery or sitting in a tree stand. If you’re lucky, she may already sit through hours of the hunting channel and have an idea of what or how she would like to hunt. If that’s not the case, give her the reins and answer her questions as she goes along.

Gear For Her

If she expresses interest in hunting with you, then gear her up for success so she actually feels like part of the team, not the third wheel. There is so much money and energy being put into female specific gear. From packs and clothing, to bows, the best bow releases and other weapons that cater to their shape or comfort level. Getting her geared up with her own stuff is going to make her feel confident and good about herself when she finally get’s out in the field. We all know that you and your hunting buddies doing what you do best might make her feel intimidated. Get her set up with her own gear so she feels like one of the crew.

Invite Other Ladies to Join the Hunt

Speaking of your hunting buddies, suggest that some of the other guys invite their wives or girlfriends along to ease the tension and amp up the fun. The more, the merrier, and having that extra “new comer” along might make your lady feel a bit more comfortable and confident.

Give the Gift of Mother Nature

If she’s never been one to simply enjoy the outdoors, then this is your chance to show her how rewarding and nourishing time spent in the trees can be. If you hunt, then you know the emotional and physical benefits of the hunt. Your wife or girlfriend may not realize the silver lining to this sport, so exposing her to mother nature might spark an interest she didn’t know she had. If she’s geared up correctly, not too hot or too cold, she may find herself loving every second spent outdoors and eager to get back at it again.

The Couple That Hunts Together, Stays Together

Everyone knows that hunters love to tell stories (regardless if they are true or not), so make your wife or girlfriend feel special by telling the stories of your hunts together, show her your excitement and appreciation for her willingness to partake in the sport you love so much. This appreciation goes a long way for most women and you might find them eager to go out on the next hunt and excited about the time you get to spend together. Hunting is a tradition for many families and making it part of yours is a great way to strengthen your bond as a couple.



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