As one of the leading celebrity brand management companies, HighKey Enterprises LLC makes it a point to stay updated with any changes in the online media landscape. It has pioneered many successful campaigns for itself and various clients, including its Instagram Celebrity Giveaways under HighKey Clout and full-press online brand management under HighKey Agency.

These days, while they are still giving their all to other aspects of the business, brothers-turned-business-partners Jordan, Luke and Jackson Lintz are focused on growing their own cryptocurrency, HighKey Coin.

One might think that going into the crypto market is a big leap for an online marketing empire, but that is far from the truth. This shift is made possible by the emergence of the first-ever decentralized social media platform called BitClout. Through BitClout, creators, influencers, and regular people are assured that their data belongs solely to them and won’t be sold off to the highest bidder.

“We are currently living in a world of massive centralization,” says HighKey Coin co-owner Luke Lintz. “At any point in time, Instagram has the full right to censor, shadowban, or fully disable your account. This is where the decentralized component of BitClout comes into play, where every creator on the platform has ownership of their own creator coin, and any money directly invested into themselves is not only retained but helps build their brand and attract other investors.”

Empowered by BitClout, HighKey Enterprises LLC can now take full advantage of its ever-expanding online influence. For HighKey Coin co-owner Jordan Lintz, this is enough for them to dream big in the cryptocurrency market.

“We want BitClout to be the most popular cryptocurrency in the world,” says Jordan Lintz. “This solidifies our brand, gives our clients further security, and secures us as the number one branding company in the world.”

The Lintz brothers understand that to fulfill this goal, they must work on it as early as possible. So instead of waiting for outside investors, they decided to back their own currency through self-investing. For them, HighKey Coin is the security behind every single one of their ventures, which means that each project is supported by $HighKey.

Of course, aside from the inherent value of investing in the HighKey brand, the Lintz brothers make sure to deliver new benefits and features exclusive to all of their investors. Moreover, they also have additional perks intended for top investors, including updates on their celebrity onboarding process, updates on HighKey Enterprises LLC, and updates on their future plans.

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